Cover Reveal: Latest Ishmael Jones novel, INTO THE THINNEST OF AIR!

The fifth Ishmael Jones novel is on the way! Simon R. Green‘s INTO THE THINNEST OF AIR is due to be published in November (UK) and March (US), by Severn House. Here’s the synopsis…

Ishmael Jones is attending the re-opening of Tyrone’s Castle, an ancient Cornish inn originally built by smugglers. Over dinner, the guests entertain one another with ghost stories inspired by local legends. But it would appear the curse of Tyrone’s Castle has struck for real when one of their number disappears into thin air. And then another.

Severn House has published the other four novel in the series, as well: THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROAD, DEAD MAN WALKING, VERY IMPORTANT CORPSES, and DEATH SHALL COME.

Here’s just a handful of reviews the series has received so far…

‘[A] brisk, breezy first in a new mystery series… Convincing supernatural twists [and] witty chapter titles… readers will be anxious for a sequel.’Publishers Weekly on THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROAD

‘I really enjoyed the book. If anything it was over too soon. The author captures the English Country Manor Murder Mystery feel very well, as he sets up pretty much everybody as a suspect… I look forward to finding out more in future volumes.’British Fantasy Society on THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROAD

‘This sequel to the wonderful The Dark Side of the Road takes the basic structure of a traditional English country house mystery and mixes it with a bit of supernatural horror and suspense. Richard Kadrey and E.E. Knight fans will particularly relish Green’s genre-blending novel.’Library Journal on DEAD MAN WALKING

‘Ishmael is a wonderful character, an extraterrestrial living among humans, and the series (this is the third installment) is a clever mixture of thriller and SF-horror genres. Green is best known for the Deathstalker space operas, but give this one a few more installments to develop, and it could well become Green’s masterwork.’Booklist on VERY IMPORTANT CORPSES

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