Some Initial Reactions to Lavie Tidhar’s VIOLENT CENTURY…

LT headshot AltReview proofs of Lavie Tidhar‘s upcoming THE VIOLENT CENTURY have been sent out to readers and reviewers, and we’ve spotted some great responses on Twitter. We think Lavie’s outdone himself with this novel, so we decided to share some of these early comments…

‘My God, @lavietidhar’s THE VIOLENT CENTURY is bloody brilliant. Actually refused a lift home from work last night so I could read on the bus’ – David Barnett (Guardian)

‘Finished THE VIOLENT CENTURY by @lavietidhar. Wonderful. Puts the “human” in “super-human”. And the “super”, come to that.’ –  David Barnett, again (Guardian)

‘Just finished @lavietidhar’s VIOLENT CENTURY. It’s NIGHT CIRCUS meets BITTER SEEDS. Wow.’Justin Landon (Staffer’s Book Review)

‘Finished Tidhar’s The Violent Century over lunch. War, history, heroism, memory: best thing he’s done to date, very impressive.’Niall Harrison (Editor-In-Chief, Strange Horizons)

‘Sat down to for a minute to read the start of @lavietidhar’s THE VIOLENT CENTURY. Half an hour later, and it’s really, really good.’James Smythe (author of The Explorer)

THE VIOLENT CENTURY is due to be published by Hodder Books in the UK, on October 24th, 2013. More news coming soon (including a cover reveal later in the month).

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