Dave Bara

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Dave Bara was born at the dawn of the space age and grew up watching the Gemini and Apollo space programs on television. He dreamed of becoming an astronaut one day. This soon led him to an interest in science fiction, especially on television. His early years were filled with dozens of episodes of the original Star Trek, Lost in Space, The Outer Limits, and The Twilight Zone.

He began to read science fiction voraciously in his teens, with authors like Issac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Frederick Pohl, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Gordon Dickson, and Joe Haldeman being among his favorites. This led him to try his hand at writing, which he continued all through his college years, even using a novel project as part of his degree studies. During these years the story concepts for what would become The Lightship Chronicles series began to take form.

Dave’s writing is influenced by the many SF novels he has read over the years, but most notable were books like Dune (Herbert), The Mote In God’s Eye (Niven and Pournelle), Dorsai! (Dickson), The Forever War (Haldeman), Tau Zero (Poul Anderson) and the Foundation novels (Asimov), among many others.

Dave looks forward to bringing SF fans many years of exciting and interesting writing, heroic characters, and soaring adventure in the years to come.

You can find Dave Bara’s writer’s website here.

Dave’s Lightship Chronicles novels are due to be published in the UK by Del Rey UK, and IMPULSEis currently scheduled for a May 7th 2015 release. (The series is to be published by DAW Books in the United States.)

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Lightship Chronicles

  1. IMPULSE (2015)
  2. STARBOUND (2016)
  3. DEFIANT (2017)



  • The Lightship Chronicles (UK, 2015-7)




      ‘If you liked Star Trek Into Darkness, you’ll like Dave Bara’s IMPULSE.’  —  Jack Campbell, bestselling author of the Lost Fleet series

      ‘This energetic mélange of tried-and-true elements—futuristic jargon, military and romantic tactics, and multiple levels of skullduggery—easily grabs the reader’s attention; more impressive is that Bara’s story holds that attention all the way to the end.’  —  Publishers Weekly

      IMPULSE is fun, fast, and proper science fiction. Where the stakes are big, and things matter because the characters matter. I enjoyed the hell out of this. Impulse should be an impulse buy.’  —  Simon R. Green, bestselling author of the Nightside series

      ‘A fun and engaging story…In short, IMPULSE is a winner for me… Highly Recommended.’  —  SFF World

      IMPULSE is an exciting space opera that fans of Star Trek will enjoy… With plenty of suspense, drama, unique technology, and romance – this scifi adventure has it all. I thoroughly enjoyed this romp through deep space from relatable characters to the clever plot.’  —  SciFi Chick

      ‘This guy is the next Jack Campbell; it’s that good.’  —  T.C. McCarthy, author of the Subterrene War Series

      ‘Totally convincing space navy… check! Perfectly realized characters complete with depth and heroism… check! Plus a fascinating story with an Ahab of a captain determined to complete his mission, and a fledgling lieutenant who comes into his own in the midst of interstellar conflict. Oh yeah: exploding spaceships… double check!’  —  Tony Daniel, author of Guardian of Night

      ‘An absorbing book… There may be lots of action, but it all sits on an intelligent concept of a future war between civilisations that have just rediscovered long range space flight. The book feels somewhat of a mixture of Mass Effect with Buck Rogers…’  —  The Book Bag

      ‘A far future space adventure that owes a lot to the alien princess-bonking antics of Captain Kirk…The novel’s tech is imaginative enough, and this first in the series promises some epic dust-ups as an ancient war is rekindled.’  —  The Sun

      ‘Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet plus James S.A. Corey’s Expanse with a slight dash of Fringe thrown into the mix. I like the future Bara has mapped out for this one and look forward to where the story goes and what Dave reveals about this future history.’  —  Rob Bedford


      ‘In STARBOUND, Bara manages to ramp up the depth and complexity of his world while retaining that sense of excitement, suspense, and adventure… STARBOUND confirms what we suspected when Impulse hit the shelves: Bara has created one of the most thought-provoking visions of the far, far future we’ve seen lately, taking the best elements of military sci-fi, space opera, and good old-fashioned adventure stories, and fashioning them into something both familiar and unique.’  —  Barnes & Noble

      STARBOUND ultimately presents a deep, complex and engaging universe, but it never forgets to have some old fashioned fun once in a while… solidly entertaining and an engaging read. Space opera fans should most definitely give this one a look.’  —  Starburst


      ‘This series has been a solid space opera in the vein of some of the genre’s classics, such as Clarke and Heinlein.’  —  The Verge

      ‘Bara continues to spin a complex and well-constructed military SF series that stands proudly alongside well-decorated examples of the subgenre.’  —  B&N Scifi Fantasy Blog