Khadijah L. VanBrakle

Khadijah is a native Canadian who now lives in the southwestern United States who found writing later in life. With an undergraduate degree in Accounting and an unfinished M.B.A, she began writing fiction in 2012. Yes, she does admit to using pen and paper when she started. A love of libraries and books from an early age helped her decide to write fiction for children. All of them.

Khadijah loves writing young adult novels featuring Muslim teenage girls of colour. She is committed to uplifting voices that are not typically seen in contemporary literature for young people and is a 2020 New Mexico Writers grant recipient.

On the adult fiction side, Khadijah has four short flash stories in an anthology entitled LOST ECHOES FOUND. The short fiction stories contained in this anthology were conceived in the dark part of her psyche.

Khadijah is an active member of the NM chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and is currently serving as its Assistant Regional Advisor. She has a slight Twitter addiction. When not writing, Khadijah can be found at the dojo practicing martial arts or at home, baking away her stress.

Khadijah can be found on Twitter and at her Website.

Agent Contact: Kristina Pérez

Author Photo Credit: Carol Cooper-Fahrenkrug