Vincent Tirado

Vincent Tirado is a nonbinary Afro-latinx with a love of all things sci-fi and horror. Born and raised in the Bronx, they ventured out to Pennsylvania and Ohio to get their Bachelor’s in Biology and Master’s in Bioethics. Vincent is in love with quirky and fun storytelling and cites The Good Place as a source of inspiration while also enthralled with darker elements found in Stranger Things.

Their insatiable desire for knowledge often keeps them busy with new hobbies they pick and writing inspiration. As such, they have about six or seven hobbies put on hold and twelve book ideas just waiting to be written. To catch up on their latest obsession, you can follow them on Twitter and find updates on their website.

Author Photo Credit: Luis Rodriguez

Agent Contact: Kristina Pérez








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      ‘A speculative horror that blends elements of horror with a history of gentrification and systemic racism.’ – Publishers Weekly

      ‘Tirado’s unsettling debut is a love letter to the Bronx and the community that makes it. The perfect pick for horror lovers still looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.’Booklist

      BURN DOWN, RISE UP is a brilliant contemporary horror that masterfully emphasizes the dark history of the Bronx into the thing of urban legends. The writing and the wonderful world-building is sure to stick with you for days after you read.’Bookish Brews

      ‘A queer, heart-pounding thrill ride. Fans of Attack the Block and Vampires vs. the Bronx: prepare for your newest obsession.’Ryan Douglass, New York Times bestselling author

      ‘It is like if Nightmare on Elm Street, Get Out, and The Get Down had a baby.’Isis Asare, Sistah Scifi bookstore