Lorraine Wilson

Lorraine’s love of writing was fuelled early on by family memories from Zambia and India, as well as an obsessive reading habit centring on folklore, Tolkien, Solzhenitsyn and Hardy.

She spent her youth caring for rescued hedgehogs, recalcitrant goats and the odd giraffe, so it was wildlife conservation that occupied her first ‘life’. Gaining a PhD in behavioural ecology from the University of St. Andrews, Lorraine spent several years working in Central American rainforests, Eastern Europe, and the Indian Ocean islands. Her research was far too eclectic to be good for her career, spanning subjects as diverse as functions of bird song, radio-tracking wolves, bat population surveys and sea turtle tagging. She once had a seven foot python use her as a hot water bottle (in the nicest possible way), and a tree frog called ‘Algernon’ who lived in her sink.

When marriage and motherhood changed Lorraine’s priorities, she decided to return to her roots – in the telling of tales. Her love of the wilderness feeds into everything she writes and Lorraine has discovered a whole new source of adventure in this new vocation.

As part of The Random Writers, she has published short stories in three anthologies (A Seeming Glass, Something Rich and Strange, & Stalking Leviathan), all taking inspiration from world mythology and folklore.

Lorraine lives in Fife, Scotland, with her husband, daughter, one somnolent cat and two insane kittens.