Tim Powers

United Kingdom and British Commonwealth only: Represented in these territories on behalf of Russell Galen at the Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency.

One of the pre-eminent and most respected names in the field of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Tim Powers is the multi award-winning author of  twelve novels including THE ANUBIS GATES (winner of the 1984 Philip K. Dick Award and widely regarded now as a classic of the genre), LAST CALL and DECLARE (both of which won the World Fantasy Award for best novel) and ON STRANGER TIDES , a pirate fantasy upon which the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean is loosely based and which is acknowledged as the inspiration for the classic computer game, The Secret of Monkey Island. Other novels include DINNER AT DEVIANT’S PALACE, THE STRESS OF REGARD,  EXPIRATION DATE, EARTHQUAKE WEATHER and THREE DAYS TO NEVER. Powers has also written a number of short stories, the latest of which, Parallel Lines, appeared in the STORIES anthology (2010)  edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio.

Originally from Buffalo, NJ, Powers has for many years lived in Southern California. Whilst at college there in the early 70’s, along with fellow alumni James P. Blaylock and K.W. Jeter he became acquainted with Philip K. Dick, who went on the influence the work of all three writers. They in turn have gone on to influence a new generation of authors and artists and remain revered in genre fiction as the triumvirate who originated the Steampunk movement– itself a term coined by Jeter in a letter to LOCUS in the mid 80’s.

Powers  continues to collaborate with Jim Blaylock (who is also a Zeno client), maintaining a partnership that has lasted nearly forty years and one that is only occasionally hampered by the interference of William Ashbless.

Tim Powers next novel is MY BROTHER’S KEEPER, published by Head of Zeus in 2023.

‘Powers has written some science fiction, but more often his work involves the supernatural and magic, with an emphasis on mythology and secret histories of historical figures, including Bugsy Siegel, Lord Byron, Thomas Edison, and, most recently, Albert Einstein & Charlie Chaplin… one of the field’s truly distinctive voices’ — LOCUS

‘Tim Powers is a brilliant writer’ — William Gibson

‘Powers orchestrates reality and fantasy so artfully that the reader is not allowed a moment’s doubt’ — The New Yorker

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