Roger Zelazny (Estate)

Roger Zelazny is one of the great authors of the Golden Age of fantasy and sci-fi. He is probably best known for this epic, ten-volume Chronicles of Amber fantasy series, which was recently (2017) optioned for television.

Zelazny broke onto the scene with a flood of shorter fiction, which he would also continue writing for his entire career. His first group of novellas demonstrated his gift for playing with genre conventions, showing many just what could be done within the fantasy and science fiction genres. The most famous of these novellas is A ROSE FOR ECCLESIASTES. (A copy of this novella was included on a DVD that was taken on board the Phoenix Mars Lander, in 2008.)

His stand-alone novels include, but are by no means limited to: THIS IMMORTAL, THE DREAM MASTER, LORD OF LIGHT, CREATURES OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS, and his final novel, A NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER. He was fascinated by world religions and philosophies, and these frequently played a central role in his novels.

Awards: Over the course of his writing career, Zelazny won six Hugo Awards, three Nebula Awards, two Locus Awards, one Prix Tour-Apollo Award, two Seiun Awards, and two Balrog Awards. (Impressively, and a testament to his prolific work ethic, sometimes Zelazny’s works competed with each other for the same awards.)

Zelazny passed away in 1995.

Agent Contact: John Berlyne