A New Russian Edition of Roger Zelazny’s SIGN OF CHAOS Out Now!

A new Russian of edition of SIGN OF CHAOS is out now! Published in Russian as Знак Хаоса by Эксмо, as part of their Эксклюзивная фантастика range, it is the eighth novel in Roger Zelazny‘s classic, beloved Chronicles of Amber (Хроники Амбера) series, here’s the synopsis…

Он — Мерлин из Дворов Хаоса. Его опыт и магическая сила растут, и множество опасностей и неожиданных находок подстерегает его на избранном пути, но он неумолим в движении к намеченной цели — найти своего отца, принца Корвина из Амбера.

Третья книга Пятикнижия Мерлина культового цикла “Хроники Амбера”!

The novel was translated by Гутов Максим (Maxim Gutov).

First published in 1987, here’s the English-language synopsis…

Merlin finds himself in a marvelous bar drinking with Luke, the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter. He can’t help but feel that perhaps this isn’t… Normal. When the Jabberwock appears Merlin’s head clears just enough to realize that he’s caught in Luke’s LSD-inspired hallucination. When a Fire Angel, one of the most powerful, magical killing beasts in existence, arrives to kill him he realizes that he has to do something quick or both he and Luke are finished. The Jabberwock becomes an unlikely ally in his battle with the Fire Angel. And this is only the beginning of Merlin’s magical adventures in Sign of Chaos.

Эксмо has also published new editions of the other novels in the Chronicles of Amber (Хроники Амбера) series, as well as a handful of the author’s other classic fantasy and science fiction novels.

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