Aliette de Bodard’s NAVIGATIONAL ENTANGLEMENTS is out in Three Weeks!

Today, we wanted to share a reminder that NAVIGATIONAL ENTANGLEMENTS, the superb latest novella by Aliette de Bodard, is out in three weeks! The book has already been generating a lot of pre-publication buzz — for example, it has been selected as one of New Scientist’s best new SF books of July 2024; one of Screen Rant’s 10 most-anticipated SF books of July; and also one of LitHub’s best SFF books of July. Due to be published by TorDotCom on July 30th, here’s the synopsis…

Award-winning author of The Red Scholar’s Wake Aliette de Bodard comes for your heart with a compelling tale of love, duty, and found-family in an exciting new space opera that brings xianxia-style martial arts to the stars.

Jockeying navigator clans guide spaceships through the Hollows: an area of space populated by the mysterious but deadly creatures known as Tanglers. When a Tangler escapes the Hollows for the first time in living memory, each clan must send a representative to help capture it — but the mission may be doomed and the hearts of two clan juniors may be in danger too.

Việt Nhi is not good with people. Or politics. Which is a problem when the Rooster clan sends her on the mission against her will, forcing her to work with an ill-matched group of squabbling teammates from rival clans, including one who she can’t avoid, and maybe doesn’t want to.

Hạc Cúc of the Snake clan has always been better at poisoning and stabbing than at making friends, but she’s drawn to Nhi’s perceptiveness and obliviousness to social conventions — including the ones that really should make Nhi think twice about spending time with her.

But when their imperial envoy and nominal leader is poisoned, this crew of expendable apprentices will have to learn to work together — fast — before the invisible Tangler can wreak havoc on a civilian city and destroy the fragile reputation of the clans. Along the way, Nhi and Hạc Cúc will have to learn the hardest lesson of all: to see past their own misconceptions and learn to trust their growing feelings for each other.

Here are just a few of the great early reviews that NAVIGATIONAL ENTANGLEMENTS has received so far…

‘This magnificent space opera from Nebula Award winner de Bodard is simultaneously electric and heartwarming… De Bodard loads the narrative with unexpected twists and intricate interpersonal relationships. Fans and new readers alike will devour this.’ — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

‘[A] fast, tense story that drives atmospherically forward towards its confrontations and revelations… solidly compelling… NAVIGATIONAL ENTANGLEMENT undergirds itself with a powerful sense of justice, as well as compassion… I loved it. Give me more, please.’ — Locus

‘This tight book, best enjoyed in a single day, is only a bite-sized story within an imagined universe that could easily exist beyond the central mystery… A quirky Sapphic space opera…’ — Kirkus

‘Fans of de Bodard’s Hugo Award-winning “Xuya Universe” series will find similarities in this standalone novel, and for those curious about Xuya and looking for a way in, this book includes many of the elements that make that series so compelling, but in a shorter, self-contained work. Readers of SF mysteries inflected with sapphic romance and political or corporate shenanigans … will become entangled in the latest from de Bodard.’ — Library Journal

‘Aliette de Bodard’s latest packs action, political intrigue, and strong character work into a vibrant and enthralling space opera that you can devour in a day. I found the two main characters incredibly endearing and especially appreciated the inclusion of a point-of-view character that reads as neurodivergent, the dual-POV narrative providing a potent representation of how different minds approach and process the same world, events, and interactions. I picked up this book for the promise of sapphics and space drama, and NAVIGATIONAL ENTANGLEMENTS delivered!’ — Oli Schmitz at Boswell Book Company

TorDotCom also publishes Aliette’s FIREHEART TIGER, a stand-alone Hugo Award-nominated fantasy novella.

Here are just a few of the great reviews FIREHEART TIGER has received…

‘[A] high-stakes lesbian love triangle in this tightly plotted fantasy novella… convincingly combines sex, politics, and betrayal. This is an ideal pick for fantasy fans longing for non-European settings.’ — Publishers Weekly

FIREHEART TIGER… is a delicate novella with threads of imperial politics, magical beings, queer romance and the psychology of trauma. It’s a bit of a miracle to feel as if you’ve read a six-book fantasy series in so few pages. This book is elegant and hypnotic as the flame of a candle, and I’ll be thinking for some time about the shadows it throws into relief.’ — New York Times Book Review

‘A fascinating story filled with strong female characters and lush prose, the relationships woven around Thanh evolve into themes of reclaiming the self and recognizing that love can hide the truth about people… a story of love, power, and what burns within. Highly recommended.’ — Library Journal (Starred Review)

‘De Bodard…, as she so often does, packs the world-building and emotional punch of an epic into a shockingly slim novella. This touching romance with the delicate negotiations of a small country’s survival against an imperial adversary would be a lovely place to start with de Bodard’s work, and fans will find more of what they’ve come to love about her stories.’ — Booklist

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