In four weeks, Piatkus Books are due to publish the fifth novel in Charlaine Harris‘s acclaimed Gunnie Rose series. ALL THE DEAD SHALL WEEP will be available on September 5th in the UK. Here’s the synopsis…

Charlaine Harris returns to her alternate history of the United States where magic is an acknowledged but despised power in this fifth installment of the Gunnie Rose series.

Following the murderous events of The Serpent of Heaven, Lizbeth Rose is awaiting the arrival of her sister Felicia and her husband’s younger brother Eli in Texoma. Both needed to leave the seat of the Holy Russian Empire in San Diego after Felicia’s burgeoning wizardly power in death magic became the reason for kidnapping and assassination attempts from her mother’s family of high-powered wizards in Mexico.

Yet bad news has travelled ahead of them, as Eli is called back to San Diego, taking Peter along with him, splitting them apart in more ways than one as their enemies’ plans for revenge come to fruition…

Love The Walking Dead, Westworld or True Blood? You will ADORE this gritty and wildly entertaining tale, set in a parallel reality of the United States where magic is an outlawed power.

The first four titles in the series are also available in the UK, published by Piatkus, and now in paperback: AN EASY DEATH, A LONGER FALL, THE RUSSIAN CAGE, and THE SERPENT IN HEAVEN.

Here are just a few of the reviews the series has received…

‘In this fast-paced thriller fueled by magic and gunslinging, no one can be trusted. Harris’s vividly detailed story will leave readers enthralled with the fascinating setting and a heroine who’s sure to be a new fan favorite.’ — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) on AN EASY DEATH

‘Harris […] populates her gritty, immersive new world with genuinely interesting characters, and chilling moments of horror—of both the human and supernatural kind—punctuate this relentlessly paced road trip. A refreshing and cinematic, weird Western starring a sharp-as-nails, can-do heroine. Harris’ many fans will surely follow Gunnie Rose anywhere.’ — Kirkus on AN EASY DEATH

‘Harris has a remarkable talent for world building […] In all, this looks like another winning series from a sure-bet author.’ — Booklist on AN EASY DEATH

‘It’s a thrill ride through a world transformed by magic and altered politics, with an excellent kick-ass guide in Gunnie Rose, making this a strong start to a new series.’ — Locus on AN EASY DEATH

‘[A] shoot’em-up, rollicking ride.’ — Kirkus on A LONGER FALL

‘Harris’ imagination is on high alert as she takes chances with A LONGER FALL and her characters.’ — Sun Sentinel

‘Left me wanting more’ — Locus on A LONGER FALL

‘Mixing in tidbits of real history with her own fictitious saga, the imaginative Harris creates an absorbing modern fantasy steeped in thoughtful action in THE RUSSIAN CAGE.’ — Sun Sentinel

‘An entertaining addition to a consistently fun series.’ — Kirkus on THE RUSSIAN CAGE

‘Rarely a dull moment. Fans of Harris’s daring heroine will be pleased to accompany her on her latest adventure.’ — Publishers Weekly on THE RUSSIAN CAGE

‘The fourth ‘Gunnie Rose’ novel… moves the setting from the rural west to an urban city, but contains just as much intrigue and action as the previous books.’ — Library Journal on THE SERPENT IN HEAVEN

‘Felicia proves an equally strong and magnetic heroine who’s sure to win fans over in the end. This takes the series in an exciting new direction.’ — Publisher’s Weekly on THE SERPENT IN HEAVEN

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