Andrew Cartmel’s ASHRAM ASSASSIN Out in Three Weeks!

ASHRAM ASSASSIN by Andrew Cartmel is due out in three weeks! The second novel in the author’s acclaimed ‘sublimely pitched’ (Kirkus) Paperback Sleuth series, it’s due to be published by Titan Books on June 25th. Here’s the synopsis…

When a collection of rare and valuable volumes is stolen from a West London yoga ashram, its leaders turn to Cordelia, the Paperback Sleuth, to recover them — a request that’s a little awkward, as they’ve previously booted her out for dealing weed to the other students.

But once Cordelia takes the job, she finds her quest for the missing paperbacks turning into a murder hunt as those associated with the ashram can’t seem to avoid violent death — whether bludgeoned with a whisky bottle or poisoned by an admittedly delicious curry. Can she work out who the killer is and bring them to justice before she ends up as the next victim?

The first book in the series, DEATH IN FINE CONDITION is out now, also published by Titan Books.

In a starred review, Publishers Weekly had the following to say about DEATH IN FINE CONDITION

‘Cartmel (the Vinyl Detective mysteries) has never been better than in this darkly funny series kickoff centered on London bookseller Cordelia Stanmer, a former addict who has fallen in love with vintage paperbacks and has no scruples about how she’ll feed her growing collection… Cordelia is a memorable, devilish antihero, and Cartmel’s delightfully dexterous plotting bodes well for a sequel. Fans of Lynne Truss’s Constable Twitten novels will find much to love.’

Titan also publishes Andrew’s widely-acclaimed Vinyl Detective novels — the first seven of which are out now: WRITTEN IN DEAD WAX, THE RUN-OUT GROOVE, VICTORY DISC, FLIP BACK, LOW ACTION, ATTACK AND DECAY, and NOISE FLOOR.

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