Coming Soon: THE SECOND CHRONICLES OF AMBER by Roger Zelazny

The second Chronicles of Amber omnibus is out tomorrow in the UK! Collecting the final five novels in Roger Zelazny‘s classic series, it is published in the UK by Gollancz, as part of their SF Masterworks series. Here’s the synopsis…

Merlin is a Prince of Chaos and Amber, Corwin’s son and heir. He has grown up knowing that his legacy is to one day follow in his father’s footsteps, live up to his father’s legend.

When Corwin goes missing, that day comes far sooner than he could ever have expected. Merlin must find his own identity as the ruler of the worlds, and discover what kind of King he wants to be. Will he be a warrior like his father, or embrace his own path as a hacker-magician?

A generation after Corwin’s rise to the throne, Merlin is aided by powers beyond anything Corwin could have imagined. The epic magic from The Chronicles of Amber is wielded alongside sentient computers, a vorpal sword, and the ghosts of those who came before.

Featuring the Locus award-winning TRUMPS OF DOOM, the Locus nominated BLOOD OF AMBER and SIGN OF CHAOS, and the final two novels KNIGHT OF SHADOWS and PRINCE OF CHAOS, the Second Chronicles of Amber continues the epic story of Amber and the Shadow worlds.

The first omnibus collection will also be published in the UK by Gollancz, on April 14th — so, not long to go before you can start enjoying this classic series (for the first time, or as a revisit)!

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