Cover Reveal: Elizabeth Moon’s SPEED OF DARK (New UK Edition)


Orbit Books unveiled today a new UK cover for Elizabeth Moon‘s Nebula Award-winning SPEED OF DARK! Here is the synopsis…

Lou is different to ‘normal’ people. He interacts with the world in a way they do not understand. He might not see the things they see, however, but he also sees many things they do not. Lou is autistic.

One of his skills is an ability to find patterns in data: extraordinary, complex, beautiful patterns that not even the most powerful computers can comprehend. The company he works for has made considerable sums of money from Lou’s work. But now they want Lou to change – to become ‘normal’ like themselves. And he must face the greatest challenge of his life. To understand the speed of dark.

SPEED OF DARK was a recent selection for the Hodderscape Review Project, too. Those reviews haven’t been posted, yet, but here is a selection of what others have said…

‘a touching account of an autistic man who struggles to cure his condition without changing his self… Well-written, intelligent, quite moving. Moon places the reader inside the world of an autistic and unflinchingly conveys the authenticity of his situation.’ — Kirkus

‘A warm, engaging, human and humane book: what I like best about it is the glimpse into the life of a character so not like most of us… and yet very like us after all.’Robin McKinley

‘A surprisingly powerful novel… Lou is a fascinating character, unique, complex and very endearing…’Speculative Book Review

SPEED OF DARK is one of those exceptionally rare novels that has the power to alter one’s entire worldview, and reading it is a profoundly rewarding and enriching experience. It is impossible to avoid superlatives when speaking of it, even though one’s all too aware that one may be perceived as perpetrating hyperbole. Well … tough. I cannot remember when last I enjoyed a novel this much…’Infinity Plus

‘A book that makes you think. Lou is a wonderful, sympathetic, beautiful protagonist. This isn’t a plot-oriented, action-packed book, but it’s one I definitely recommend reading.’Jim C. Hines

And, finally, Elizabeth was recently interviewed by fellow Orbit author Rachel Bach, in which she talks about writing both science fiction and fantasy, and her experiences over the years.

Elizabeth is also the author of REMNANT POPULATION; the epic fantasy series Paksenarrion and Paladin’s Legacy; and the science fiction series Vatta’s War and Serrano.

Zeno represents Elizabeth Moon in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

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