Above is the stunning cover for Edward Cox‘s second novel, THE CATHEDRAL OF KNOWN THINGS. The sequel to THE RELIC GUILD, the novel is due to be published by Gollancz in October 2015 (late September in eBook). Here’s the synopsis…

Divided, hunted and short on resources, the surviving members of the Relic Guild are in real trouble. Their old enemy, the Genii, and their resurrected master have infiltrated Labrys Town and taken over the police force.

So the Relic Guild must flee their home, and set off on a dangerous journey across the worlds of the Aelfir. One that will lead them to a weapon which might destroy the Genii. Or the whole universe…

And forty years before all this, the war which led to the fall of the Genii continues. And what happens to the Relic Guild during that conflict will change the course of their desperate flight.

And, in case the stunning cover and synopsis didn’t convince you, here is just a handful of the great reviews THE RELIC GUILD has received…

‘A terrific debut novel, with plenty of scope for expansion and some really good world-building. Most importantly, lots of fun. Looking forward to the next one.’ — Joanne Harris

‘Part science fantasy, part steampunk thriller, part horror novel… THE RELIC GUILD reads in places like a vividly-described high fantasy merged with Victorian penny dreadful ‘appening… colourful characters… Cox has written a mighty fine first novel… I was hooked…’ — Interzone

‘An exciting blend of steampunk, fantasy, horror, and pulp adventure… THE RELIC GUILD is an intriguing, original and enjoyable book, a daring mix of genres…’ — Starburst

THE RELIC GUILD is a formidable debut from an author with huge potential, and I will be one of the first clamouring for a copy of the sequel.’ — Fantasy Faction

THE RELIC GUILD, the debut novel from Edward Cox, is all kinds of magic… Stylistically it is a rich brew… always full of flavour… a high concept fantasy packed with ideas, weird and wonderful characters and a mix of styles, at times evoking noir, urban fantasy, flavours of steampunk (in the depiction of anachronistic technology) and grotesque body-horror David Cronenberg would be proud of. Thought you knew where modern fantasy was at? THE RELIC GUILD will challenge your assumptions.’ — British Fantasy Society


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