Digital Audio Edition of SPOOK COUNTRY Out Tomorrow in the UK!

Tomorrow, W. F. Howes are due to publish William Gibson‘s latest new UK audiobook: SPOOK COUNTRY! The second novel in Gibson’s Blue Ant series, it follows PATTERN RECOGNITION (out now) — both novels in the series are narrated by Bronwen Price. Here’s the synopsis…

Spook Country — a gripping spy thriller by William Gibson, best-selling author of Neuromancer.

In New York, a young Cuban called Tito is passing iPods to a mysterious old man. Such activities do not go unnoticed, however, in these early days of the War on Terror, and across the city, an ex-military man named Brown is tracking Tito’s movements. Meanwhile in LA, journalist Hollis Henry is on the trail of Bobby Chombo, who appears to know too much about military systems for his own good. With Bobby missing and the trail cold, Hollis digs deeper and is drawn into the final moves of a chilling game played out by men with old scores to settle…

Those looking to buy a physical version of the audiobook (CD or MP3 CD, for example), will have to wait a little bit longer — that edition will be available on November 1st.

W. F. Howes has also published the UK audiobook editions of NEUROMANCER, PATTERN RECOGNITION, DISTRUST THAT PARTICULAR FLAVOR, and THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE (co-authored by Bruce Sterling).

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