Estonian View of Hokusai’s Mt. Fuji…

We’re happy to report that there is a new Roger Zelazny collection available in Estonia! The main story it includes is the award-winning 24 VIEWS OF MT. FUJI, BY HOKUSAI. Published by Fantaasia as IGIKELTS JA TULI, the book contains the aforementioned novella and also a few other writings (science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction) by the author. Here’s the synopsis…

„Igikelts ja tuli” on Roger Zelazny üks hilisemaid kogumikke, mis sisaldab nii puhast teadusfantastikat (kosmos, tehisintellekt) kui ka fantasy’t,  lisaks veel autori kommentaare ja esseelaadis tekste ulmežanri arengust ja autori loomemeetoditest. Kaks kogumiku lugu on võitnud Hugo („Hokusai: 24 vaadet Fuji mäele” ja „Igikelts“).

Lugu „Hokusai: 24 vaadet Fuji mäele”, räägib tagasihoidlikust palverändurist, kes rändab Fuji mäe läheduses, otsides Hokusai kujutatud vaateid, ja võitleb samal ajal nii virtuaalsete kui pärisdeemonitega.

The various pieces in the collection are translated by Juhan Habicht, Andrus Igalaan, Piret Frey, and Sash Uusjärv.

First published in 1985 as a short story before being expanded into a novella-length work, 24 VIEWS OF MT. FUJI, BY HOKUSAI won the Hugo Award for best novella (1986). Here’s the English-language synopsis for 24 VIEWS OF MT. FUJI, BY HOKUSAI

A widow makes a pilgrimage in Japan to some of the locations of Hokusai’s views of Mt. Fuji, ultimately attempting to confront her former husband who had become a nearly all-powerful digital being.

The collection also includes PERMAFROST, which won the Hugo Award for best novelette in 1987. Here’s a brief synopsis…

On Balfrost, a planet that experiences decades-long seasons, the Playpoint resort attracts tourists during the warm seasons. In winter it is maintained by an artificial intelligence who was once a man, Andrew Aldon, and a pair of custodians, a man and a woman, who are in suspended animation except for a few days each year when they awake to inspect and maintain the resort. The resort has powerful weapons to keep encroaching ice at bay.

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