Following up on Tim Powers’s Blog Tour…


Just over a month ago, we mentioned Tim Powers‘s October blog tour, which came to an end this past Friday. Because it was so good, we thought we’d offer a round-up of the various tour-stops here.

On the 7th, Tim discussed Magic and Realism over on Fantasy Book Critic, and how ‘To my mind, the problem with Magic Realism is that it’s got plenty of magic but falls short on the realism – if only in that no one in the stories is ever surprised by the plain fact of magic actually happening. Wouldn’t you be?’ Powers discusses ‘the logic of dreams and fairy tales and mythology’, and how he wants the (sur)realism to work in his novels, how he hopes readers will see it.

On the 8th, Tim stopped by Falcata Times to talk about how research can lead to the strangest connections. For example, the idea for HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES came about (partly) thus: ‘I was reading a book about Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and I learned that after his wife killed herself he laid the notebook of all his poetry into her coffin, to be buried with her. This was a fine and much-admired romantic gesture – but a couple of years later a publisher told him, “You know, if you had a collection of poetry, we could publish it,” and Rossetti said, in effect, “Uh, gimme a couple of days on that.”‘

Mieneke of A Fantastical Librarian interview Tim about the new novel, his research and writing practices.

On October 10th,  SF Signal hosted a guest post by Tim, in which he talks about ‘How he Got Started Down the Road to Science Fiction and Fantasy’, and how it all started with Timothy Turtle. He also mentions how he got to know James P. Blaylock (also a Zeno client) and K.W. Jeter, and the very important advice the latter gave him: ‘Start when the action of the plot starts.’

On the 11th, Tim stopped by Civilian Reader to talk about Edward John  Trelawny, ‘the Magnificent Liar’ – a legendary biographer, novelist and adventurer best known for his friendship with the Romantic poets, including Lord Byron. His life was stranger than fiction, but he was not above fictionalising some early exploits.

On the 14th, Fantasy Book Review hosted an extract of HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES.

Speculative Scotsman hosted Tim on October 18th, for a guest post, ‘Taverns Measureless to Man’, in which the author discusses how steampunk started.

Over the course of the 21st-25th, Pornokitsch hosted a number of great pieces:

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