Happy Publication Day… The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett

Today Peter V. Brett’s highly anticipated third novel, THE DAYLIGHT WAR (Voyager), finally hits bookstores. It is this latest installment in Brett’s incredibly popular and internationally best-selling Demon Cycle fantasy series, he continues the epic tale of humanity’s last stand against an army of demons that rise each night to prey on mankind. A dead cert to please fans of the series, here are what early reviews have had to say about THE DAYLIGHT WAR:

DWCoverFixed on Fantasy‘Brett’s prose and flow remains virtually flawless, providing for a smooth read… The world that Brett has created is rich with detail and innovation and I am itching with anticipation to find out how humans will fare against their enemies from the core!’

Speculative Book Review has described THE DAYLIGHT WAR as ‘the best in the series so far… The Demon Cycle is building up to something even bigger and I for one am holding my breath to see where Brett takes us next in the forthcoming novel… Highly Recommended.’

Jet Black Ink has been blown away by the novel, and was particularly effusive with praise: ‘After the phenomenal success of both THE WARDED MAN and THE DESERT SPEAR, I was tentative about THE DAYLIGHT WAR; surely it couldn’t get much better? Well, I was wrong… The supporting cast come to life like never before in this installment… With the introduction of new characters to further flesh out Brett’s already strong world, the foundations of the series grow even stronger and the world crystallizes on a whole new level, becoming all the more real… In the end, this is probably the best of the whole series. This will be a strong contender for one of the best books of the year, even this early on. Utterly gripping and brilliant.’

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore’s Patrick had this to say: ‘In the world of The Demon Cycle, humankind use wards to keep the demons at bay. In our world, Brett weaves words to bring that world and the characters within it to life. And live they most certainly do. I just love this series and will suffer along with the rest of you until Brett delivers books four and five of the Cycle. Honest word.’

Meanwhile, the Arched Doorway gushed: ‘I can say with complete confidence that Brett has outdone himself… With his breath-taking descriptions, epic battle scenes…, the powers that shape the world, and of course, keeping with the theme of the series, Brett tells yet another amazing coming of age story, this time of Jardir’s wife, Inevera. THE DAYLIGHT WAR… is a fast-paced, action-packed and exhilaratingly detailed novel that will leave readers breathless and in eager anticipation for more.’

Writing for Chapters/Indigo in Canada, Jessica wrote, ‘The ending is shocking, with a sudden cliffhanger that will have your cursing the fact that the next book isn’t out yet. If you’ve liked Brett’s previous books, this is a superb follow-up. If you haven’t read Peter Brett and like well written fantasy, I urge you to give him a try.’

SFX has also recently posted this short interview with Peat and be sure to check out Tor.com’s excerpt from the book.

But wait! There’s more: Peter V Brett will be in the UK at the end of February! Here is the schedule:

25/2: Peter will be signing books at Waterstone’s in Manchester, at 7:00pm. (Tickets for the event are £3.)

26/2: Peter will be signing books at Waterstone’s in Nottingham, at noon.

26/2: Peter will be signing & talking about his books at Forbidden Planet Megastore, on Shaftesbury Avenue at 6:00pm. (More information can be found here.)

27/2: Peter will be signing books at Waterstone’s in Milton Keynes, at noon.

27/2: Peter will be signing & talking about his books at Waterstone’s in Birmingham, at 7:30pm. (Book tickets here.)

28/2: Peter will be signing & talking about his books at Topping & Company in Bath, at 7:30pm.

1/3: Peter will be attending the SciFi Weekender

Do scroll down (or if you’re feeling lazy, just click this link) to check read the cover copy for THE DAYLIGHT WAY and also check out the very cool book trailer created by HarperCollins Voyager.

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