ICYMI: First Episode of Lavie Tidhar’s MARS MACHINES is Out Now!

Lavie Tidhar continues his forays into animated works, with MARS MACHINES, which was originally written during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic! The first episode was released on February 19th, and the remaining six episodes will be released weekly. The trailer is abive, and here’s the series synopsis…

A grumpy toaster and a fastidious coffeepot uneasily cohabit in a kitchen on Mars. Their owner is gone, out on a case. The toaster used to be a spaceship, the coffeepot a burglar working for the Robo-Pope. Beyond the window ice-meteorites fall, and the enigmatic Dr Novum haunts their dreams, trying to get into their hidden shelter – and their minds. When a new answering machine turns out to be Bianca, a secret agent from Earth long on the trail of the inhuman Novum, their worlds collide.

Featuring the voice talents of Russell Wilcox (Buddy the coffeepot), Digger Mesch (Toaster) and Anne Wittman (Bianca), the show was scripted by World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar and directed, animated and scored by Nir Yaniv under their Positronish label.

You can watch the first episode YouTube now, with the other six episodes to follow on a weekly basis.

Written by Lavie Tidhar. Directed by Nir Yaniv. Produced in the US, 2024. Language: English. Seven episodes of 4-6min each. Starring Digger Mesch, Russell Wilcox and Anne Wittman. Type: animated sci fi.

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