ICYMI: SHIELD MAIDEN by Sharon Emmerichs Acquired by Head of Zeus!

We’re very happy to report that Kristina Peréz has sold World Rights to SHIELD MAIDEN by Sharon Emmerichs, to Head of Zeus! The deal was announced a little while ago in BookBrunch and Publishers Marketplace.

The ‘stunning fantasy debut’ novel, which features ‘a fierce young woman reclaiming her power’ and ‘will upend everything you think you know about Beowulf.’

Rosie de Courcy at Head of Zeus had the following to say about the book and the deal:

‘The moment Kristina Pérez told me she had a novel to sell featuring Beowulf, a wounded shield maiden and a dragon, I felt that prickle of excitement familiar to all acquiring editors. Shield Maiden is everything I hoped it would be and more. We are going to have so much fun publishing it.’

The novel is due to be published in February 2023, via Head of Zeus’s Ad Astra imprint. Here’s an early synopsis for the novel…

Fryda has grown up hearing tales of her uncle, King Beowulf, and his spectacular defeat of the monstrous Grendel. Her one desire is to become a shield maiden in her own right, but a terrible accident during her childhood has thwarted this dream. Yet still, somehow, she feels an uncontrollable power begin to rise within herself. But she is not the only one to feel the effects of her new-found battle-magic. For, buried deep in her gilded lair, a dragon is drawn to Fryda’s untamed power, and is slowly awakening from a long, cursed sleep…

Congratulations Sharon! We look forward to being able to share the cover and more details, when we get closer to publication.

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