ICYMI: The Stunning UK Cover for Peter V. Brett’s Upcoming THE DESERT PRINCE!

On the off-chance that you maybe didn’t catch this fantastic cover reveal a little while ago, feast your eyes on the stunning artwork for Peter V. Brett‘s highly-anticipated next novel, THE DESERT PRINCE! Set in the same world as his best-selling, critically-acclaimed Demon Cycle series, it’s due to be published in the UK by Voyager, on August 3rd, 2021.

Here’s the synopsis…

Fifteen years have passed since the end of the war with demons, creatures of darkness who have hunted the night and plagued humanity for time out of mind. The heroes of mankind’s hour of need have become legend, and those that remain struggle to escape their shadows.

Olive Paper and Darin Bales have grown up in this new, peaceful world. Demons have all but been destroyed, but dangers still lurk for the children of heroes.

Olive, Princess of Hollow, has her entire life planned out by her mother, Duchess Leesha Paper.

A steady march on a checklist to prepare her for succession. The more her mother writes the script, the more Olive rails against playing the parts her mother assigns.

Darin faces challenges of a different kind. Though free to choose his own path, the weight of legacy hangs heavy round his shoulders. It isn’t easy being the son of the man people say saved the world. Everyone expects greatness from Darin, but the only thing he’s ever been great at is hiding.

But when Olive and Darin step across the wards one night, they learn the demons are not all gone, and those that remain hunger for revenge. Events are set in motion that only Prophecy can foresee as Olive and Darin seek to find their own places in the world in time to save it again.

THE DESERT PRINCE is already starting to garner some great advanced reviews…

‘An intricately crafted tale of intrigue and courage where one’s station and lineage determines everything, good and bad. An exciting read. Peter Brett has outdone himself with this first book in a new series.’ — Terry Brooks

‘The Desert Prince is a deeply intimate, yet epic adventure. Heart-wrenching, smart, and modern, this book kept me wide-eyed and wide awake for many-a-nights as I struggled step-for-step alongside Olive and Darin from the green lands to the desert pits to the darkest recesses of the demon minds. The Desert Prince has set a new standard for fantasy.’ — Wesley Chu

Surely one of the most-anticipated new fantasy novels of the year, there’s still plenty of time to catch up on the story before this new novel is released! All of Brett’s Demon Cycle books — five novels and three novellas — are also published in the UK by Voyager.

Here are just a few of the great reviews the Demon Cycle series has received so far…

‘Brett ably blends fantasy and horror in this arresting first novel, the first in a planned series. An imaginative and exciting tale, recommended where there is interest in epic fantasy.’Library Journal (Starred Review) on THE PAINTED MAN

‘Brett’s fantasy debut is a highly readable adventure with a unique setting and three strong protagonists. Brett includes plenty of exciting battles, terrifying monsters, and heart-wrenching moments to make the focus of the story — the development of flawed, ordinary children into legends — believable. Consider the series this begins worth tracking.’Booklist on THE PAINTED MAN

‘Brett’s debut builds slowly and grimly on a classic high-fantasy framework of black-and-white mortality and bloodshed. Brett’s gritty tale will appeal to those who tire of sympathetic villains and long for old-school orc massacres.’Publishers Weekly on THE PAINTED MAN

‘A gripping adventure — a very promising start to a new series, and an excellent first novel.’Locus on THE PAINTED MAN

‘Makes you genuinely excited by the idea of reading more […] will leave you impatient for the next installment.’SFX on THE PAINTED MAN

‘Extends the author’s panoramic vision […] Fans of epic fantasy in the tradition of Robert Jordan and George R. R. Martin will enjoy the arrival of a strong voice in multivolume epic fantasy.’ Library Journal on THE DESERT SPEAR

‘Sure to leave fans on tenterhooks waiting for the next installment.’ Publishers Weekly on THE DESERT SPEAR

‘An incredible piece of work.’ Fantasy Faction on THE DESERT SPEAR

‘Along with Brandon Sanderson and Daniel Abraham, Peter V. Brett is at the forefront of purveyors of epic fantasy whose teeth were ground on the likes of Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin, Terry Brooks, and David Eddings […] in other words, with THE DAYLIGHT WAR, he’s at the top of his game. I give this my highest recommendation (including the first two novels in the series.)’ Tor.com

‘If you like your Fantasy big, dramatic, and with characters you grow to love the Demon Cycle will be quite memorable. With THE DAYLIGHT WAR, Brett reaffirms his high place in modern Epic Fantasy.’ — Mad Hatter Reviews

‘Peter V. Brett expands and deepens his endlessly fascinating and increasingly complex world.’ Buzzfeed on THE SKULL THRONE

‘Brett knows exactly what he’s doing […] The book is very steadily paced – this a slow burn and much of it focuses on the interpersonal relationships between various characters [though] there are plenty of action-packed key scenes peppered throughout the book. The demons are mostly added as a spice here; Brett is setting up his world and the characters in order to tell his epic fantasy tale in a way that is both personal and global. It’s a page-turner, and quite possibly the best so far.’ — Starburst Magazine on THE SKULL THRONE

‘Complex and engaging […] all I can do is recommend this book to readers. I tore through this volume, and many nights I would stay up late to read just another chapter […] or four. I can’t wait to see how this diverse cast of characters takes on the demons once and for all.’ Fantasy Faction on THE SKULL THRONE

‘Brett delivered a conclusion that […] felt earned for each of the main characters. A war concluded, a peace delivered, and a saga ended…for now.’


‘Thoroughly addicting […] a thrilling adventure that is, without question, [Brett’s] greatest achievement yet.’ — Bookreporter on THE CORE

‘Only very rarely does a long epic fantasy series conclude satisfactorily. With THE CORE, Peter V. Brett manages to hit all the right notes.’ — The Ranting Dragon

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