IN OUR STARS by Jack Campbell — Out Now in the UK!

The eBook edition of the first novel in Jack Campbell‘s new The Doomed Earth series, IN OUR STARS, is out today in the UK! (The print edition will follow in a couple of weeks.) Published in the UK by Titan Books, here’s the synopsis…

When the destruction of Earth causes a time rift, one ship is thrust back in time to decades prior. The semi-disgraced naval officer Kayl Owen is sent from the Earth Guard ship Vigilant to investigate.  He finds one person alive, one person whose DNA analysis reveals to have some non-human DNA, a person who his superiors say isn’t human.

That’s not how Kayl Owen sees it. He thinks Lieutenant Genji of the near future Unified Fleet — the future successor of Earth Guard — is every bit a person. And more, the knowledge she brings from the future might hold the key to saving Earth from destruction.

Owen, Genji and everything they know is deeply threatening to a lot of people, and the two of them need to survive each day to get to the next and save the future for everyone.  But will changing Earth’s future erase Genji?

The novel has already been racking up some great advance praise, too! Here are just a few examples…

‘Campbell juggles a lot here, with military cover-ups, alien first encounters, and ruminations on what it means to be human studding the sprawling plot… This series is off to a good start.’Publisher’s Weekly

‘Jack Campbell’s IN OUR STARS is old fashioned science fiction in the best possible way; taking a good hard look at the present through the lens of the future.’Tanya Huff

‘Space Opera works best when it’s operatic. Big and bold, dark and dramatic, characters and concepts that are cheerfully off the scale. IN OUR STARS is all of these things, with an extra helping of mayhem, just to keep things tasty.’Simon R. Green

‘An outstanding kickoff to a new series, IN OUR STARS is a heartfelt character study wrapped in a riveting action movie. It delivers everything I want out of sci-fi: fun tech, relatable characters, well-earned camaraderie, and deeply felt stakes. The bond between the two protagonists is inspiring—just two competent professionals who bring out the best in each other while striving to save the world from certain destruction. The contagious optimism and breakneck pace kept me glued to the page, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment!’J. S. Dewes

‘With IN OUR STARS, Jack Campbell shows once again why he’s one of the best SF writers working today.’ — Michael Mammay

Titan Books has published a huge range of Campbell’s novels, including his various best-selling Lost Fleet series.

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