Jack Campbell’s IMPLACABLE Out Tomorrow in the UK!

IMPLACABLE, the third novel in Jack Campbell‘s acclaimed Lost Fleet: Outlands series, is out now in the UK! Published by Titan Books, here’s the synopsis…

As far from explored space as any human has ever been, Geary and the Alliance fleet are on their own, protecting a diplomatic mission in territory belonging to an alien species with still-unknown motives. His already complex and dangerous mission is further imperiled by deadly challenges from other human factions seeking to harm or exploit the aliens. When another alien species whose technology is far more advanced than humanity’s arrives, the stakes are raised to the highest possible level.Only the most serious danger comes from an unexpected source. When presented with orders to carry out actions he believes not only are mistaken but would be contrary to the ideals of the Alliance, Geary has to finally decide whether he must invoke the power that his long-revered name holds, all the while knowing that this might endanger his entire fleet, tear apart the Alliance, and destroy everything he has fought for.

Titan Books has published all of Campbell’s Lost Fleet novels in the UK to date. The other novels in the Outlands series are BOUNDLESS and RESOLUTE.

Here are just a couple of great reviews for the earlier books in the series…

BOUNDLESS begins a third series, Outlands, in the bestselling Lost Fleets saga, and being the thirteenth book in no way jinxes the steady hand of Campbell’s command of top-notch space opera.’ — Booklist

‘Thirteen volumes in, the Lost Fleet series maintains both its ability to put characters through the rigors of military action and to keep its central figure from losing his guileless outlook and unpretentious charm. This is another winner.’ — Publisher’s Weekly on RESOLUTE

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