Jim Shields and PS Publishing Launch BABY STRANGE


At the recently-held Eastercon in Glasgow, Zeno client Jim Shields‘s new novel, BABY STRANGE, was launched. Published by PS Publishing, it is a pretty awesome, unique novel. As the publisher’s newletter stated, ‘Jim did an absolutely superb reading.’ The event, which also included a short reading (see right), seems to have done just the trick – increasing interest in and raising awareness of Jim’s new book.

Shields-Signing1The two chapters that Jim read, as well as some clips of Jim’s reading are apparently soon to hit the internet. We’ll be sure to share them here with you as soon as we can. Just in case you can’t recall seeing our artwork reveal for the novel, here’s the synopsis for BABY STRANGE

A Dark Intelligence Has Been Poisoning Carefully Selected Lives.

The Con Man: ‘Reverend’ Joe McGill claims he’s a healer, but he’s chosen the wrong man to con.

The Psychotic Gangster: Arthur Bewlay has cancer eating away at his face. He’s in no mood to be messed around—either by fake miracle workers or his dead brother Tommy—and he’ll stop at nothing in his desperate desire to live.

The Eccentric Recluse: Maryam Clemenceau is just what both McGill and Bewlay need—a real miracle worker with a bona fide gift. But it comes at a considerable cost.

The Architect: The sinister link between a Maryam’s Gothic apartment block, and Bewlay’s boarded up, abandoned Victorian pub—buildings that are contaminated with fear and the echoes of old and ominous power.

Baby Strange opens with Joe beaten and bound in the back of a car, on his way to an appointment with a cement pit under a Glasgow flyover . . . this is not to be the lowest point of his day.

Jim Shields is a director/producer living and working in his home town of Glasgow. His work has been BAFTA-nominated and he has spent much of his career happily killing people who aren’t real and blowing stuff up. BABY STRANGE is his debut novel.


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