John McHugo Transmission Award

SalonLondonTransmissionPrizeLogoWe are delighted to announce that John McHugo has been nominated for the 2014 Transmission Prize! The prize, launched in 2013 by Salon London, is designed to ‘celebrate inspired ideas, brilliantly communicated’.

John is nominated for his work related to his most recent book, A CONCISE HISTORY OF THE ARABS (published by Saqi Books), and a little bit more on that can be found here.

Many congratulations indeed to John! A very well-deserved nomination.

Here is the synopsis for John’s book…

The key to understanding the Arab world – today and in the future – lies in unlocking its past.

John McHugo unfolds centuries of political, social and intellectual development, from the Roman Empire right up to the present day. Taking the reader beyond the headlines, McHugo presents a series of turning points in Arab history: the mission of the Prophet Muhammad, the expansion of Islam, the conflicts of the medieval and modern ages, the struggles against foreign domination, the rise of Islamism, and the end of the rule of dictators.

Accessible and penetrating, this concise history reveals how the Arab world has come to assume its present form and illuminates the choices that lie ahead in the wake of the Arab Spring.

McHugo-ConciseHistoryOfArabs-BlogHere’s some of what critics have said about the book…

‘Highly readable … Ideal for novices, it is also a useful and exciting read for those who have read much about the area but never had the whole story summed up in a single volume.’  —  Jordan Times

‘Thrilling and poignant, woven with a layered texture of knowledge and empathy that deftly stitches familiar figures into the narrative in a fresh way.’ —  David Gardner, International Affairs Editor, Financial Times

‘… for those who wish to know the background behind the news headlines, the book is a good—if somewhat demanding—place to start; and for those who at some point had some background in parts of subject, the book acts as a useful refresher.’  —  Asian Review of Books

‘… always erudite…’  —  The National

‘… provide[s] substantial help in understanding the political developments in the Middle East, including the Arab Spring.’  —  The Tablet

Speaking of John’s work, we thought you might also be interested in his article from last year, about coffee and How a drink for Arab mystics went global. If, like us, you are a committed drinker of coffee, this is a great read.


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