Lavie Tidhar’s NEW ATLANTIS is a Sturgeon Memorial Award Finalist!

We are delighted to report that Lavie Tidhar‘s novella NEW ATLANTIS is a finalist for this year’s Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award!

Originally published in the May/June 2019 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, it was recently published as an eBook via the JABberwocky eBook Program. Available from all major eBook retailers, it also has a superb new cover by Sarah Anne Langton.

Here’s the synopsis…

When a mysterious message arrives from vanished New Atlantis, a restless Mai undertakes the perilous journey to its drowned isles. But the journey is long and hard: through the Blasted Plains and the ancient cities of Tyr and Suf, through shipwreck and wilderness.

For this is a world where ants develop inexplicable weapons, where a lonely robot lives surrounded by cats in the ruins of old Paris, and where floating coral islands host sleeping sentience. Mai’s journey takes her by land, sea and air to the islands of New Atlantis, and to the nightmare prison buried underneath old London.

On her way she will find heartbreak and love – and a new life, awakening.

The novella has already been described as ‘Excellent’ (SF Crowsnest), ‘Amazing’ (1000 Year Plan) and ‘A wonderful, imaginative story’ (SF Revu).

This year’s winner of the award will be announced at the Gunn Center Conference, which will take place on October 1st-3rd in Lincoln, Nebraska’s University of Nebraska.

Congratulations, Lavie!

A number of Lavie’s other novellas and stories have also been published as eBooks by JABberwocky. You can find more information about these books here.

Lavie’s recent novel is BY FORCE ALONE — a retelling of the King Arthur mythology, published by Head of Zeus in the UK (out now) and Tor Books in North America (due out in August).

Lavie is also the author of the highly-acclaimed, award-winning CENTRAL STATION, UNHOLY LAND, and THE VIOLENT CENTURY — all of which are published by Tachyon Publications (also with spectacular covers by Sarah Anne Langton).

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