Lavie Tidhar’s THE HOOD is out in One Month!

THE HOOD, the second novel in Lavie Tidhar‘s Anti-Matter of Britain Quartet (a viscerally entertaining, ominously subversive and poetically profane remixing of the myths and legends that shaped our nation’), is out next month! Due to be published by Head of Zeus on October 14th, here’s the synopsis…

God bless you, England, on this glorious Year of Our Lord, 1145.

Don’t cross the Templars. Everybody knows that. But Will Scarlett, back from the crusades, hopped up on khat and cider, did. Stabbed thrice in the belly but somehow still alive, he’s heading home to Nottingham.

And things are not right in Nottingham.

It’s the wood, you see. Sherwood. Ice-age ancient, impenetrable, hiding a dark and secret heart. As the ancient sages say, If you go into the woods today, you may not come out tomorrow, and the person who comes out may not be you…

The Hood is Lavie Tidhar’s narcotic remix of an ancient English myth, a tale knotted from legends lost to time, shredded and restitched for each passing century. A tale for today.

The first novel in the series, BY FORCE ALONE, is out now — published by Head of Zeus in the UK and Tor Books in North America.

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