Naomi Foyle’s ASTRA Out Today in the US


Today, Quercus published Naomi Foyle‘s ASTRA in the US in hardcover. The first novel in the author’s Gaia Chronicles, here is the synopsis…

Like every child in Is-Land, all Astra Ordott wants is to have her Security Shot, do her National Service and defend her Gaian homeland from Non-Lander “infiltrators.” But when one of her Shelter mothers, the formidable Dr Hokma Blesser, tells her the shot will limit her chances of becoming a scientist and offers her an alternative, Astra agrees to her plan.

When the orphaned Lil arrives to share Astra’s home, Astra is torn between jealousy and fascination. Lil’s father taught her some alarming ideas about Is-Land and the world, but when she pushes Astra too far, the heartache that results goes far beyond the loss of a friend.

If she is to survive, Astra must learn to deal with devastating truths about Is-Land, Non-Land and the secret web of adult relationships that surrounds her.

ASTRA and its sequel, ROOK SONG, are published in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books. The third novel in the series, THE BLOOD OF THE HOOPOE, is due to be published in March 2016 (more details to come). Jo Fletcher Books also publishes Foyle’s SEOUL SURVIVORS.

‘An unusual and appealing novel…’  —  Strange Horizons on ASTRA

‘The mastery with which Foyle creates her world is astounding. The deft handling that brings Astra to life is breathtaking – and her journey is a heartbreaking thing, despite the fact that it has seemingly only just begun. If this book is any indication at all of what to expect from her, then I can say with pretty firm certainty that Naomi Foyle is a writer who’s absolutely worth watching out for.’  —  Over the Effing Rainbow on ASTRA

‘A beautiful story, unique and daring, which serves as a solid foundation for everything else to come.’  —  Bibliosanctum on ASTRA

‘Offering plenty of twists and surprises, ROOK SONG outdoes its predecessor with a more developed story and plenty of conspiracies that pull the reader in. Book one was a comment on how society should live to protect the planet, book two is a comment on how people should prevent international conflict and wars. We can only wait with bated breath to see what book three will campaign for.’  —  Starburst on ROOK SONG


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