Naomi Foyle’s THE BLOOD OF THE HOOPOE out this week!


Naomi Foyle‘s third novel in her Gaia Chronicles series, THE BLOOD OF THE HOOPOE, is out this Thursday! Published by Jo Fletcher Books. Here’s the synopsis…

Astra is the long prophesied icon of unification for the peoples of Non-Land, but is she ready to accept her destiny?

War is breaking out in Kadingir. Still struggling to accept her role as a long prophesied icon of unification between Is-Land and Non-Land, Astra Ordott is on a journey across the wind sands to join her father and his people – the mystics of Shiimti, who claim to hold the secret of truly healing the damaged relationship between human beings and the Earth. Astra’s desperate to get there quickly, but when her guide and companion, the shepherd Muzi, leads her off course into the path of a vicious sandstorm, she is forced to confront what the gods of their devastated world might be telling her: that there will be no refuge from her destiny.

Jo Fletcher Books also publishes the first two novels in the series — ASTRA and RAVEN SONG, as well as the stand-alone novel SEOUL SURVIVORS.

But wait, there’s more! If you happen to be in Toronto this Thursday (May 5th), Bakka Phoenix are hosting Naomi for a book launch for the US edition of ASTRA (published by Quercus Books)! The event starts at 6:30pm.


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