New BRIDGE OF ASHES Audiobook Out Now!

Roger Zelazny‘s BRIDGE OF ASHES is available in a new audiobook edition! Published by Tantor Media, and narrated by TJ Clark, here’s the synopsis…

Mankind has been manipulated over the millennia by an alien race that seeks to use it to transform our planet into a world that they can live on. They’ve patiently encouraged us to adapt technologies that would bring on climate change making our world hotter and more hospitable to them all the while making it less hospitable for mankind.

Dennis Guise the most powerful telepath every born is a thirteen-year-old boy, and humanities only hope of escaping oblivion. He is a bridge to our future and a bridge to our past. But can that be enough to save us and our planet?

BRIDGE OF ASHES was first published in 1976.

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