New LORD OF LIGHT Audiobook Out Now in North America!

The new audiobook edition of Roger Zelazny‘s classic, Hugo Award-winning LORD OF LIGHT is out now in North America! Published by Recorded Books, and narrated by Matt Godfrey, here’s the synopsis…

Earth is long since dead. On a colony planet, a band of men has gained control of technology, made themselves immortal, and now rule their world as the gods of the Hindu pantheon. Only one dares oppose them: he who was once Siddhartha and is now Mahasamatman. Binder of Demons, Lord of Light.

Recorded Books also publish two other Zelazny audiobooks in North America, both also narrated by Matt Godfrey: ROADMARKS and CREATURES OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS.

The audiobook edition of ROADMARKS is published in the UK by W. F. Howes.

A UK print edition of LORD OF LIGHT is available as part of Gollancz’s SF Masterworks series.

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