A new edition of CREATURES OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS, one of Roger Zelazny‘s classic stand-alone novels, is available in Russia. Published by Эксмо as ПОРОЖДЕНИЯ СВЕТА И ТЬМЫ, here’s the synopsis…

Далекое будущее.

Ожившие боги Древнего Египта делят власть над освоенным человечеством космосом. Анубис, Повелитель Мертвых, и Осирис из Дома Жизни забывают свою извечную вражду, когда появляется угроза не только мирам, но и их собственному существованию.
Самый поразительный роман Грандмастера НФ Роджера Желязны, изощренный сплав фэнтези и научной фантастики.!

CREATURES OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS was first published in 1969. Here’s the English-language synopsis…

Two gods, two houses, one quest and the eternal war between life and death. To save his kingdom, Anubis, Lord of the Dead, sends forth his servant on a mission of vengeance. At the same time, from The House of Life, Osiris sends forth his son, Horus, on the same mission to destroy utterly & forever The Prince Who Was a Thousand.

But neither of these superhuman warriors is prepared for the strange & harrowing world of mortal life. The Thing That Cries in the Night may well destroy not only their worlds, but all humankind.

As Zelazny did with the Hindu pantheon in the legendary, groundbreaking classic Lord of Light, the master storyteller here breathes new life into the Egyptian gods with another dazzling tale of mythology and imagination.

Эксмо has also published Zelazny’s classic Chronicles of Amber series in Russia, as well as a number of other novels from the author’s classic and beloved backlist.

Zeno represents Roger Zelazny in Translation, on behalf of the Zelazny Estate.

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