New UK Deal for Melinda Snodgrass’s EDGE Series!

We are delighted to announce that UK and Commonwealth rights to Melinda Snodgrass‘s Edge series have sold to Titan Books!

The series – which comprises THE EDGE OF REASON, THE EDGE OF RUIN, and an as-yet-untitled third novel – is a contemporary fantasy that explores the tensions between science and rationality, religion and superstition. It is an intelligent blend of Dante’s Inferno and Urban Fantasy.


Melinda has had many varied careers — she studied opera at the Conservatory of Vienna; has been a practicing attorney; she has written multiple novels and screenplays, working in Hollywood on Star Trek: The Next Generation (best known for the episode ‘Measure of a Man‘), and numerous other shows. She coedits the Wild Card series with George R.R. Martin, and has recently turned in the Wild Cards screenplay to Universal. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Here is the synopsis for THE EDGE OF REASON

Richard Oort is a cop. He’s also the last Paladin: a reluctant hero, fated to defend the world against demonic forces that threaten to plunge us into another Dark Age.

Richard is on patrol one night when he leaps to the defense of a terrified young woman fleeing something impossible: beings that can only be described as monsters. Beings that can only have been created by magic. But in saving the beautiful Rhianna, he gets drawn into the machinations of a mysterious billionaire who just might be Prometheus and Lucifer. And who claims to be waging a millennia-old war on the side of reason and light, defending humanity from others of his kind who want nothing more than to see us destroy ourselves with superstition, religion, darkness, fear.

But when Richard discovers he’s a Paladin — product of a genetic fluke that enables him to wield Lucifer’s sword — he becomes a central figure in the battle between Light and Darkness. But is he strong enough to bear the burden?

Here are some great blurbs about the novels…

‘If H.P. Lovecraft and H. L. Mencken had ever collaborated, they might have come up with something like The Edge of Reason. This one will delight thinkers — and outrage true believers — of all stripes.’George R. R. Martin

‘[A] gritty narrative of a war between light and dark… Balanc[es] a harsh critique of organized religion with touches of humor and a good-hearted priest who grounds his faith in the Golden Rule…’Publishers Weekly on THE EDGE OF REASON

‘Interesting religious arguments aside Snodgrass crafted a tightly paced supernatural thriller that manages to stay interesting and thrilling from beginning to end.’King of the Nerds

‘I really enjoyed this book. It’s thought-provoking and certainly memorable, with an intriguing concept and a cast of characters begging for further exploration. I’d love to see more of this world’ — Green Man Review

‘Peopled with a richly drawn cast of characters… the story is a big, complex and ambitious tale that rarely rests and demands the reader’s full attention. Thee ideas are provocative, strongly so… Readers looking for a thoughtful, action-packed and fascinating story, this one is for you. Strongly recommended.’SF Revu on THE EDGE OF RUIN

Zeno represents Melinda Snodgrass in the UK and Commonwealth on behalf of Kay McCauley of Aurous, Inc.

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