Open Says Me!

We’ve tentatively opened up once more for submissions – and I’ve not the faintest idea how long we’ll be able to remain thus. I fully expect the usual deluge and once my mailbox looks like it’s about to burst, I generally close knowing that I’ve enough material to keep me going for a good few weeks! If not months!!

I’m really hoping to come across some great YA material during this round of submissions  – this is a market that continues to flourish and publishers are hungry for quality material to add to their lists. I’d also like to get some thrillers and crime stuff in as these markets remain buoyant in the recession, with folks wanting to escape from the daily grind by reading of either the adventures or the woes of others! Whatever the reason, there are publishers looking for books in all these areas.

Of course we remain committed to genre fiction, but with the caveat that we will only consider material of the absolute highest quality- so if you’re sending in science fiction or fantasy, be very conscientious about not giving us any reason to reject your work – this generally means getting your enquiry right for starters. Read our Submission Guidelines.

Finally we also interested in serious non-fiction – take a look at our client list to get a clear idea of what we mean by this. We handle work by Iain Sinclair, Mark Adkin, Tobias Capwell, Andrew Hodges, Sir Roger Penrose, Rachel Lichstenstein &etc.

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