LEGION: SKIN DEEP by Brandon Sanderson Out Tomorrow


Brandon Sanderson‘s LEGION: SKIN DEEP is out today in the UK. A sequel to LEGION, the novella is published in hardcover by Gollancz in the UK. Here’s the synopsis…

A man with a multitude of personalities, a personality for every expertise. A madness that makes him a nightmare for criminals everywhere.

Following the success of Legion, Legion: Skin Deep charts another fast moving and gripping adventure for Stephen Leeds, AKA Legion. Leeds is a genius, his mind contains too much information. And to cope it his split his skills off into individual personalities. They crowd his head and he lives with them in a vast empty mansion. While he can call on any one of them to solve a problem he also walks a line across an all-consuming madness.

In development for television Brandon Sanderson’s Legion stories are gripping psychological thrillers, perfect for any fan of speculative fiction. They will resonate particularly strongly with fans of stories about that other tortured crime-fighting genius: Sherlock Holmes.

Legion: Skin Deep is an all-new, action-packed novella starring one of the most fascinating and charismatic heroes ever.

Brandon Sanderson is the award-winning author of THE WAY OF KINGS and WORDS OF RADIANCE, the critically-acclaimed Mistborn series, and a number of stand-alone novels — most of which are published in the UK by Gollancz. THE RITHMATIST, a magical YA fantasy, is published in the UK by Tor Books.

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