Jack Campbell‘s latest novel set in the Lost Fleet universe, OUTLANDS: RESOLUTE is out now in the UK! The second novel in the ‘Black Jack’ Geary series, it will be published by Titan Books. Here’s the synopsis…

Admiral ‘Black Jack’ Geary commands the fleet deep into alien space and leads humanity to the galactic stage.

Admiral John ‘Black Jack’ Geary faces new frontiers as he leads his fleet on a mission that could change humanity’s understanding the of universe itself.

Having survived political warfare Geary must lead a diplomatic mission to establish a new embassy with the cryptic but welcoming Dancers. His battle group, and the scientists and ambassadors they’re escorting, must cross territory controlled by the mysterious, and deadly, Enigmas. And saboteurs and assassins still hide in his crew.

Carrying the burden of his own legend, Geary must embody the best of military leadership, whether as a brilliant tactical commander or a man who knows the price of pulling the trigger. Knowing every decision he makes will be assessed on the galactic stage.

The first book in the Outlands series, BOUNDLESS is also published by Titan Books, and is out now.

All of the Lost Fleet novels (to date) are published in the UK by Titan Books — including the main series, and the follow-up/spin-off series Beyond the Frontier, Lost Stars, and Genesis Fleet (a prequel trilogy).

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