Publication Day – Randall Garrett’s LORD DARCY

GarrettR-LordDarcyFMW2014-BlogRandall Garrett‘s LORD DARCY – a collection of short stories and the novel TOO MANY MAGICIANS – is published today! The book is published by Gollancz, as part of the Fantasy Masterworks series.

Here is the synopsis…

In a world where the Plantagenets never fell, Lord Darcy is Chief Investigator for the Duke of Normandy…

Welcome to a world where the Plantagenet kings survived, the laws of magic were discovered and the physical sciences never pursued. In the resulting Anglo-French Empire, a detective like Lord Darcy needs more than a keen mind and an observant eye. Luckily, Darcy can call on the aid of Master Sean O’Lochlainn, forensic sorcerer.

Here’s just a small selection of praise for Garrett’s Lord Darcy fiction…

‘I cannot count the number of times I have read TOO MANY MAGICIANS — each time with the same pleasure.’Andre Norton

‘Maddeningly intricate, well reasoned and great fun. his world was as utterly real as his characters, and his mysteries were of the first caliber.’Simon R. Green

‘… great fun for fans of mystery and SF alike.’SF Chronicle

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