Roger Zelazny’s STRASSE NACH ÜBERALLHIN Out in April 2023!

Next April, Piper Verlag are due to publish a new German translation of Roger Zelazny‘s ROADMARKS, one of the author’s (many) classic and acclaimed science fiction novels: STRASSE NACH ÜBERALLHIN, translated by Jakob Schmidt. Here’s the synopsis…

Red Dorakeen hat sich einen mächtigen Feind gemacht. Kreuz und quer flieht er vor dessen Attentätern durch die Epochen der

Menschheitsgeschichte – denn die „Straße nach Überallhin“ ermöglicht es ihm, von der unvorstellbar fernen Vergangenheit bis in die weite Zukunft zu reisen.

Dieser vergessene Schatz der Science-Fiction lässt seine Leser: innen auf jeder Seite von Neuem staunen, rätseln und mitfiebern – Zelaznys besondere Erzählweise bietet ein absolut außergewöhnliches Leseerlebnis.

Interest in the novel was revived when it was announced that HBO is developing the novel for a television adaptation. The novel is due to be published in a new SF Masterworks UK edition, by Gollancz, on January 19th, 2023. Here’s the English-language synopsis…

The Road can go Anywhere.

The Road can go Anywhen.


Red Dorakeen has been on the Road for a very long time. For all of time, in fact. It stretches infinitely into the future and past, with exits that take him wherever, or whenever, he wants to go.

But he can’t find the place he wants to be.

He’s not the only one who can travel the Road, and as people join and leave, they can alter the past, or the future, to suit their whims. Exits close off, become overgrown, and working out what to change back to return to old timelines could take, well . . . forever.

Fortunately, Red has all the time he could ever need.

Roadmarks is a fantastically mind-bending novel from one of SFF’s most influential authors. It weaves together linear and non-linear narratives in a compelling tale full of mystery and magic.

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