Short Fiction Watch: Lavie Tidhar’s SEVEN VAMPIRES and Ian R. MacLeod’s THE CHRONOLOGIST

Two Zeno clients have work included in’s January/February 2022 collection, which is available free from their website: Lavie Tidhar and Ian R. MacLeod.

First up, Lavie’s SEVEN VAMPIRES, which is his fourth Judge Dee mystery…

Paris is burning and Judge Dee and Jonathan are on the run. To guarantee their safety, they join a band of seven vampires escaping to England. The only problem? Someone in their midst is killing off members of their group one by one. It’s of no matter to the Judge, provided they don’t breach the Unalienable Obligations, but inevitably he’s drawn into events. also publishes the first three Judge Dee mysteries: JUDGE DEE AND THE LIMITS OF THE LAWJUDGE DEE AND THE THREE DEATHS OF COUNT WERDENFELS, and JUDGE DEE AND THE POISONER OF MONTMARTRE.

Ian’s story is the stand-alone THE CHRONOLOGIST

A boy, desperate to escape the drudgery of life in his small town, gets caught up in the machinations of a traveling time keeper, and slowly watches his town and his life unravel by the seams.

Both of these stories are great ways to try these two authors’ work, if you haven’t already; and if you have already enjoyed Ian’s and Lavie’s work, then we’re sure you’ll also love these two.

Both stories have covers by Red Nose Studios (who also created the first three Judge Dee covers).

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