Sue Hubbard Reviewed in The Independent

Here a link to Nicholas Royle’s January review in The Independent of Sue Hubbard‘s début short story collection, Rothko’s Red, published by Salt Publishing last September.

rothkos-red-thumb“[Sue Hubbard] fashions an arresting opening in which Adam and Maggie gaze at a large magenta Rothko that prompts him to utter a paean to her genitals. But Adam is just the first in a long line of disappointing men blundering naively or selfishly through Hubbard’s stories. Inability to commit, unreliability, unfaithfulness – just some of the character faults her protagonists encounter in male partners.

Other recurring motifs are mildewed books and broken frames, silvery stretch marks, women washing under their breasts and their armpits, doing up ruins in Italy….”
Read more of this review here.

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