This is just a reminder that Lavie Tidhar‘s next book for younger readers, THE CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE FUTURE, is out in two weeks! Co-authored with Richard Watson, and illustrated by Cinthya Alvarez, it’s due to be published by DK on June 25th. Here’s the synopsis…

An illustrated, imaginative exploration of future technology and science for children that carries a message of hope and optimism.

This narrative non-fiction book offers an inclusive and hopeful vision of the future for children aged 7-9, taking inspiration from the latest scientific research.

This highly illustrated book makes complex ideas more accessible and shows the exciting futures that could be ahead. There are eighteen stories that each take inspiration from current research and present engaging, optimistic futures that could result from real-world science, with insets delving into how that science works.

This science book for children offers:

– A combination of sci-fi and science using short fictional descriptions combined with real-world scientific explanations to make the future come alive.
– An optimistic vision of the future with inclusive and diverse content for the generations that will not only live in it but shape it.
– A variety of different topics covered, including a train ride on Mars, life on a Dyson Sphere, a birthday on planet Venus, a trip to the bottom of the sea, and a chat with the extinct animals of the past!

A Children’s Book of the Future provides a diverse and multicultural approach that will appeal to children of all backgrounds. The exploration of future technology and some of the diverse visions explored include a plane ride on one of Saturn’s moons, a journey to a faraway star that is lightyears from Earth, life on a floating city, and living amongst robots. Inspire young changemakers with this book that sets out to reclaim the future for current and future generations of children.

Here’s a sample from inside…

Lavie is the multi-award winning and nominated author of many novels, novellas, and short stories. His recent novels include the critically-acclaimed MAROR and ADAMA (published by Ad Astra/Head of Zeus), and THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WORLD (published by Tachyon Publications).

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