THE GARDEN OF EMPIRES UK Paperback Out Tomorrow!

The UK paperback edition of J.T. Greathouse‘s THE GARDEN OF EMPIRE is out tomorrow! The second novel in the author’s acclaimed Pact and Pattern series, it will be published by Gollancz. Here’s the synopsis…


Foolish Cur, once named Wen Alder, finds that his allies in the rebellion might cross any line if it means freedom from the Empire. But he can’t overcome a foe as strong as Emperor Tenet alone.


Koro Ha, Foolish Cur’s former tutor, discovers the Empire is not so forgiving of those who raise a traitor. And their suspicion may cost him and his people more than he can imagine.


As war against the Empire rages, Foolish Cur knows there is a greater threat. The emperor plans his own coup against the gods, and they will wreak destruction if he tries. To stop him, Foolish Cur might have to risk everything – and resort to ancient magics that could tear the world apart.

THE HAND OF THE SUN KING, the first in the series, is also available in the UK, published by Gollancz. The third novel in the series, THE PATTERN OF THE WORLD, is due out in August 2023. The covers for all three novels are by Patrick Knowles.

As already suggested, the Pact & Pattern series has been acclaimed pretty widely. Here are a handful of reviews THE GARDEN OF EMPIRE has received…

‘In short, THE GARDEN OF EMPIRE is a worthy read for those who like their fantasy epic. I think it is one of the best fantasy series I have read recently, and is therefore worthy of your attention.’ — SFFWorld

‘Broader in scope, seeped in electrifying magic and topped with a heart stopping finale, this is a sequel not to be missed.’ — The Fantasy Hive

‘Wild twists and shocking revelations will leave you begging for the finale.’ — Under the Radar SFF Books

‘[A]n absolutely amazing piece of fantasy fiction that somehow manages to expand on an already richly described world with great characters and a driving plot, and I for one, cannot wait to see how this story ends.’ — Fantasy Book Nerd

‘If you’ve already read Hand of the Sun King this is an absolute must read and I am already looking forward to book three.’ The Bibliophile Chronicles

‘This book is a complete package of beautiful prose, well written characters , well explained magic with good battle scenes and immersive world-building.’ Reading Notions

‘J.T does a brilliant job of showcasing these characters. […] It’s a great sequel, and I really recommend it!’ FanFiAddict

‘I can’t wait to see what happens next to Wen Alder/Foolish Cur and how his decisions will continue to affect the empire and the world.’ — Grimdark Magazine

Here, too, are just a few of the great reviews THE HAND OF THE SUN KING has received so far…

THE HAND OF THE SUN KING fundamentally explores the right to make our own choices in life, to make sacrifices to serve the greater good and to use power to uplift the oppressed. Greathouse delivers a debut full of complexities, passion and grace, and I’m already longing for more.’ — Fantasy Hive

‘An excellent mix of classic and modern fantasy with a grimdark undertone of despair.’ — Grimdark Magazine

‘Add in a very cool magic system with weighty consequences, a cast of meaningful, well-developed characters, and a lush world that carefully considers its lore, economic struggles, and religious history, it’s easy for me to call THE HAND OF THE SUN KING one of my top reads of 2021.’ (10/10) — Fantasy Book Review

‘JT Greathouse shows no first-time jitters wit his impressive and compelling debut novel… Greathouse casts an engrossing spell, establishing himself as an exciting new voice in epic fantasy.’ — SFX Magazine

HAND OF THE SUN KING is an exotic, original fantasy filled with magic and culture, the story of a character torn between two names, two loyalties, and two definitions of good and evil.’ — Kevin J. Anderson

‘Sometimes a book comes along that is truly special. J.T. Greathouse is about to take Patrick Rothfuss’s crown with The Hand of the Sun King. It’s a beautiful tale about someone trying to discover the magic within themselves, in a world where they’ll never truly fit in. Be prepared to be swept along on a unique journey where the consequences of choice echo through an empire.’ — Mike Shackle

‘A sublime debut fantasy novel set in a unique world that, through the eyes of Wen Alder, shares the delightful intricacies of world-building’ — Eternal Bookcase

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