THE PATTERN OF THE WORLD Paperback Edition Out Now!

The UK paperback edition of THE PATTERN OF THE WORLD by J.T. Greathouse is out today! The final volume in the author’s widely-acclaimed Pact & Pattern fantasy series, it’s published by Gollancz. Here’s the synopsis…

The thrilling conclusion to the acclaimed Pact and Pattern series, which started with The Hand of the Sun King. Perfect for fans of Robin Hobb and Shelley Parker-Chan.


Foolish Cur has fallen into a trap. By resorting to forbidden magic when he failed to overthrow the Emperor, he has done exactly as the gods wanted. Now they are free to wage their war, twisting the world into new forms, as strange and terrible beasts walk the earth.

To fix what he has caused will take every ounce of Foolish Cur’s cunning. But mending the pattern of the world is too large a task for one man alone. As the Empire, rebellion and the landscape itself crumble, he and those still fighting for freedom will be drawn together to end the struggle against Emperor Tenet and the gods for good.

But Foolish Cur does not know what such a task will ask of him. And, powerful though he may be, the costs may be more than he is willing to pay…

The breath-taking conclusion to the Pact and Pattern series, this British Fantasy Award-nominated story is filled to the brim with magic, mystery and political intrigue.

The first two novels in the series are also published in the UK by Gollancz: THE HAND OF THE SUN KING and THE GARDEN OF EMPIRE.

Here are just a few of the many great reviews that THE PATTERN OF THE WORLD and the Pact & Pattern series in general have received so far…

‘Fans of the British Fantasy Award-nominated series will love the spellbinding mix of magic, mystery, and political intrigue that Greathouse’s fantasy series has brought us.’ — Sci Fi Now, on THE PATTERN OF THE WORLD

‘[A] satisfying conclusion […] If you haven’t read the Pact and Pattern series I think that you would find this to be a great series, especially if you are a fan of Robin Hobb.’ — Fantasy Book Nerd, on THE PATTERN OF THE WORLD

‘Beautifully written, as ever, The Pattern of The World is an incredible conclusion to a thrilling and unique fantasy trilogy. Vast, complex social and magical models with outstanding character development, it’s a modern classic in storytelling full of intrigue, warfare and more.’ — The Bookbeard’s Blog, on THE PATTERN OF THE WORLD

HAND OF THE SUN KING is an exotic, original fantasy filled with magic and culture, the story of a character torn between two names, two loyalties, and two definitions of good and evil.’ — Kevin J. Anderson

‘Sublime prose and pin-sharp characterisation combined to produce a captivating epic of conflicted loyalties and dangerous ambition’ — Anthony Ryan, New York Times bestselling author, on THE HAND OF THE SUN KING

‘JT Greathouse shows no first-time jitters wit his impressive and compelling debut novel… Greathouse casts an engrossing spell, establishing himself as an exciting new voice in epic fantasy.’ — SFX Magazine, on THE HAND OF THE SUN KING

‘In short, THE GARDEN OF EMPIRE is a worthy read for those who like their fantasy epic. I think it is one of the best fantasy series I have read recently, and is therefore worthy of your attention.’ — SFFWorld

‘Broader in scope, seeped in electrifying magic and topped with a heart stopping finale, this is a sequel not to be missed.’ — The Fantasy Hive on THE GARDEN OF EMPIRE

‘I can’t wait to see what happens next to Wen Alder/Foolish Cur and how his decisions will continue to affect the empire and the world.’ — Grimdark Magazine on THE GARDEN OF EMPIRE

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