Unveiling Lavie Tidhar’s ADLER…

Over the weekend at San Diego ComicCon, Titan Comics announced its new wave of creator-owned titles for 2014. Among them is Zeno client Lavie Tidhar‘s ADLER. Here’s the teaser image that was unveiled at the convention…


ADLER has been described by Titan as ladies of literature action-adventure’ and ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen’. It focuses on Irene Adler as the titular character, with a host of other female figures from classic Victorian literature.

Tidhar said, ‘I felt disgruntled enough with recent depictions of Irene Adler (in films/TV) as a sort of Sherlock/Moriarty plaything, to actually do something about it – and in some miraculous way, it worked!’ Tidhar described the project as ‘predominantly a fun (I hope!) self-contained serial (it will be collected into a trade graphic novel at the end of the run), kind of steampunky, with a vibe a little similar to the Bookman novels.’

Lavie will be working with artist Paul McCaffrey (Zombies Vs. RobotsTMNT: The Fugitoid). The two had previously collaborated on adult picture book GOING TO THE MOON, about a boy with Tourette’s who wants to become an astronaut.

Tidhar is the 2012 World Fantasy Award winner of OSAMA, the aforementioned Bookman Histories (THE BOOKMAN, CAMERA OBSCURA, and THE GREAT GAME) published by Angry Robot Books, and many other critically-acclaimed novellas and more. His latest novel, the superhero-themed thriller THE VIOLENT CENTURY, will be published in October by Hodder.

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