Viking Books Inks Two-Book Deal with Alexia Casale!

Hot on the heels of the fantastic news that Faber Childrens’ has acquired two forthcoming YA novels from Alexia Casale, we are very happy to report that Viking Books has acquired two adult novels by Casale! The deal was announced in The Bookseller, and here are some of the details…

The first book, THE BEST WAY TO BURY YOUR HUSBAND is due to be published in 2024. Here’s the synopsis…

When Sally kills her husband with a cast-iron skillet, she’s more fearful of losing her kids than disposing of a fresh corpse. That just wouldn’t be fair — not after twenty years married to a truly terrible man. But Sally isn’t the only woman in town reaching the brink. Soon, Sally has formed an extremely unusual self-help group, and between them there are four bodies to hide. Can they all figure out the perfect way to bury their husbands… and get away with it?

Viking publisher Harriet Bourton described the novel as ‘wickedly arch’. The novel is also devastatingly contemporary, given the sharp increase in reports of domestic abuse during lockdown, and Alexia writes with an insightful empathy… a gripping yet heartfelt page-turner that’s dripping with mirth (and just a little blood).’

Alexia Casale is represented by Kristina Pérez.

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