Zeno Clients in Locus Magazine’s 2017 Recommended Reading List…

We’re very happy to report that a number of our clients and their work was included in Locus Magazine’s 2017 Recommended Reading List! Ian McDonald, Aliette de Bodard, Lavie Tidhar, E.J. Swift, and Ian R. MacLeod all cropped up a number of times in the list.

Ian McDonald‘s LUNA: WOLF MOON is picked as one of the best science-fiction novels of the year, and variously described as ‘excellent’, ‘enthralling’, ‘compelling… twisty’, and ‘complex… brilliant… a joy to read’. One writer says that McDonald ‘has been making a case for being the best SF writer in the world’! The novel is published by Gollancz (UK) and Tor Books (US). Ian’s contribution to GALACTIC EMPIRES was also mentioned as a stand-out.

Aliette de Bodard‘s THE HOUSE OF BINDING THORNS is described as ‘utterly amazing’ and ‘vivid’ by different editors, and is identified as one of the best fantasy novels of the year. It is published by Gollancz (UK) and Roc Books (US). Aliette’s “The Dragon That Flew Out of the Sun” is one of Gardner Dozois’s best picks included in the COSMIC POWERS anthology, as is the author’s “First Presentation” in the CHASING SHADOWS anthology. The Dominion of the Fallen novelette, CHILDREN OF THORNS, CHILDREN OF WATER is among the best of the year.

Ian R. MacLeod‘s RED SNOW, published by PS Publishing, is selected as one of the best Horror novels of the year.

E.J. Swift‘s contribution to the INFINITY WARS anthology, the novelette WEATHER GIRL, is picked as a stand-out by Gardner Dozois and one of the best novelettes of the year. Emma is also given a nod for her contribution to THE DJINN FALLS IN LOVE AND OTHER STORIES.

Lavie Tidhar‘s work is mentioned a few times, especially his work that has appeared in Clarkesworld, and WATERFALLING (which appeared in THE BOOK OF SWORDS) is picked as one of the best novelettes of the year. His Tor.com short story “The Old Dispensation” is also picked as one of the best of 2017.

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