Zeno Now Accepting Submissions…

We’ve opened for submissions and (presuming you don’t overwhelm us) our intention is to stay open to the end of the year. As ever, we’ve a wish list (see below) that you’d be wise to consider when sending your stuff in. If your project doesn’t fall into any of the categories below, do think twice before sending it in. Unless it is utterly, mind-bendingly brilliant, chances are it’ll get bumped down the reading list and it may be a long, long time before you hear from us.  If your material does fall in line with our current preferences, do please, please, PLEASE follow our submission guidelines – if you don’t, the likelihood of a rejection is virtually guaranteed! Here – very specifically – is what we’re currently looking for…

  • Traditional Fantasy – in short we want to find the next Peter V. Brett. If you’ve read his work, you’ll know where in the field it lies and that in order to compete with this we’re only looking for work of the very highest standards of excellence. Additionally it means we want projects with a wide commercial appeal that we can sell into English and Non-English speaking territories – so don’t send us your six volume, 250k word fantasy epic, because it’s unlikely a French or German publisher will want to pay for it to be translated!  Peter’s work falls into a very specific fantasy niche, so please don’t send us urban fantasy or stuff with angels or vampires or zombies – that’s not what we’re after at the moment.
  • Thrillers – Science Fictional elements are fine, but we don’t want hard SF books right now. Ideally real or near real world – if you’re familiar with 24, we’re after that kind of high-concept, seat-of-the-pants thing. A fast-moving, high-stakes, big-budget page turner. A ‘big’ book – not necessarily in word count, but maybe in body count!
  • Any lady crime writers out there? We’d really like to hear from you!
  • YA is a buoyant market at the moment – we’re looking for something that rings the ‘dystopian‘ bell. The nearest analogue might be THE HUNGER GAMES. We’re definitely looking for YA – SF, perhaps post-apocalyptic, but very definitely nail-bitingly exciting. A teenage, contemporary LORD OF THE FLIES would be nice.
  • We’re also in the market of ‘quality’ non-fiction.. and I’ll leave that definition tantalisingly loose, though do please note the meaning of the word ‘quality’!

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