Tanya Huff Inducted into Canadian SFF Hall of Fame!

We’re very happy to report that Tanya Huff has been inducted into the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association’s Hall of Fame!

Huff is the author of, the acclaimed Confederation and Peacekeeper series, the Enchantment Emporium series, the stand-alone THE SILVERED — all of this are published in the UK by Titan Books.

Many congratulations to Tanya! A very well-deserved recognition!

The author’s latest novel in the UK is THE PRIVILEGE OF PEACE, the third novel in the Peacekeeper series. Here’s the synopsis…

Former space marine Torin Kerr returns for one final adventure to save the Confederation in the last book in the military science fiction Peacekeeper trilogy.

Warden Torin Kerr has put her past behind her and built a life away from the war and everything that meant. From the good, from the bad. From the heroics, from the betrayal. She’s created a place and purpose for others like her, a way to use their training for the good of the Confederation. She has friends, family, purpose.

Unfortunately, her past refuses to grant her the same absolution. Big Yellow, the ship form of the plastic aliens responsible for the war, returns. The Silsviss test the strength of the Confederation. Torin has to be Gunnery Sergeant Kerr once again and find a way to keep the peace.

Zeno represents Tanya Huff in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

William Gibson Inducted into Canadian SFF Hall of Fame

GibsonW-PeripheralUK-BlogWe’re very happy to share the news that William Gibson has been inducted into the Canadian SFF Hall of Fame! Gibson is the author of the pioneering cyberpunk NEUROMANCER, and many other critically-acclaimed novels. His next novel, THE PERIPHERAL, is due to be published by Viking/Penguin this November. In case you’ve missed information about the novel, here’s the synopsis…

Some time around the year 2020, in a trailer park in the Deep South, a young woman witnesses a murder. She is in a video game, and watches with horror as a drone strike kills a child. At precisely the same moment, one hundred years in the future, a boy is remotely killed on the streets of London’s great skyscrapers. The perpetrator remains anonymous. Interweaving two strange futures, from a ramshackle community of US army veterans, to the teeming masses of a mega city, The Peripheral tells the story of a brave new world of drones, outsourcing and kleptocracy, and of a crime that can only be solved across time.

The Canadian SFF Hall of Fame is a new institution, established by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, who also give the Aurora Awards. This year’s award will be given at VCON 39 in Vancouver. Gibson will be attending the convention for a Q&A session on October 4th between 1-2pm.

A reading from THE PERIPHERAL featured in a recent Penguin Podcast, ‘Extra-Terrestrial Reads Books’. You can hear the ‘cast, below…

Zeno represents William Gibson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of Martha Millard.