Short Fiction Watch: INFINITY WARS, feat. Aliette de Bodard and E.J. Swift

In our latest instalment of Short Fiction Watch, we wanted to draw your attention to INFINITY WARS, a new anthology published recently by Solaris Books. Here’s the synopsis…

Conflict is eternal

We have always fought. War is the furnace that forges new technologies and pushes humanity ever onward. We are the children of a battle that began with fists and sticks, and ended on the brink of atomic Armageddon. Beyond here lies another war, infinite in scope and scale.

Zeno’s own Aliette de Bodard and E.J. Swift have stories included in the collection — “In Everlasting Wisdom” and “Weather Girl”, respectively.

Aliette de Bodard is the author, most recently, of the award-winning Dominion of the Fallen series: THE HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS and THE HOUSE OF BINDING THORNS, published by Gollancz (UK) and Roc Books (US).

E.J. Swift is the author of the critically-acclaimed Osiris Project sci-fi trilogy: OSIRIS, CATAVEIRO and TAMARUQ, published by Del Rey (UK) and available as eBooks via the JABberwocky eBook Program.

Swift’s next novel is PARIS ADRIFT, which will be published next year by Solaris. Here’s the gorgeous cover by Joey Hi-Fi…

Short Fiction Watch: E.J. Swift and THE DJINN FALLS IN LOVE…

Today, we want to draw your attention to E.J. Swift‘s latest fiction, “THE JINN HUNTERS APPRENTICE”, which is included in the critically-acclaimed anthology THE DJINN FALLS IN LOVE AND OTHER STORIES. Published by Solaris Books, here’s the book’s synopsis…

Imagine a world filled with fierce, fiery beings, hiding in our shadows, in our dreams, under our skins. Eavesdropping and exploring; savaging our bodies, saving our souls. They are monsters, saviours, victims, childhood friends.

Some have called them genies: these are the Djinn. And they are everywhere. On street corners, behind the wheel of a taxi, in the chorus, between the pages of books. Every language has a word for them. Every culture knows their traditions. Every religion, every history has them hiding in their dark places. There is no part of the world that does not know them. 

They are the Djinn. They are among us.

E.J. Swift is the author of the critically-acclaimed Osiris Trilogy: OSIRIS, CATAVEIRO and TAMARUQ. The series is published in the UK by Del Rey, and is available in the US as eBooks via the JABberwocky eBook Program.

‘Marvelously well done. A glittering first novel: a kind of flooded Gormenghast treated with the alienated polish of DeLillo’s Cosmopolis. The result is a gripping novel, beautiful, politically engaged and wholly accomplished. Swift is a ridiculously talented writer… the fact that it’s her first novel is belied by how accomplished and well-written it is.’ Adam Roberts on OSIRIS

‘Swift’s first novel, with its brilliant near-future vision of an ecologically and socially devastated world and characters who resonate with life and passion, marks her as an author to watch.’ Library Journal on OSIRIS

‘The soulful latest instalment in The Osiris Project and a superior sequel… new lead characters, a fresh story and some real action… CATAVEIRO has a soulful, lonely quality as Taeo and Ramona embark on their solitary missions, haunted by memories of the past and visions of what lies ahead… Their imperfections keep them grounded and likeable, preventing EJ Swift from slipping into predictable and clichéd characterisation… as dystopian fiction goes it is an intriguing world to get lost in.’ SciFiNow

‘[Fans] will jump for joy at the sheer beauty of this finale… TAMARUQ really is a revelation… you will be rewarded when you reach your destination.’ SciFiNow

‘E. J. Swift is an awesome author… stunning…’

‘A series I find myself sad to have finished… but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed visiting the world that Swift has created. I’ve fallen in love with her characters and found myself turning page after page to see what happens to them. It was all depicted so vividly that I found it to be a really immersive series… a brilliant setting with wonderful characters…’ SF Crowsnest on TAMARUQ

STRATA Launches Today, Featuring E.J. Swift and Lavie Tidhar


Today, Penguin Random House launches their digital project, STRATA. Zeno clients E.J. Swift and Lavie Tidhar have both contributed stories to the project, which can be accessed from today. The site works best on a mobile device, too (although it does work in a desktop browser).

E.J. Swift is the author of the critically-acclaimed Osiris Project, which includes OSIRIS, CATAVEIRO and TAMARUQ. They are published in the UK by Del Rey, and are available as eBooks via the JABberwocky eBook Program. Emma has also written many critically-acclaimed short stories. Here are the Osiris covers…


Lavie Tidhar is the award-winning author of A MAN LIES DREAMING, published by Hodder (UK) and Melville House (US); THE VIOLENT CENTURY, published by Hodder (UK) and Thomas Dunne (US); OSAMA; and the Bookman Histories, published by Angry Robot Books. Lavie is also a prolific writer of short stories and novellas. His next work of fiction is CENTRAL STATION, due to be published in May 2016 by Tachyon Publications.


Zeno Clients to attend Fantasy in the Court Next Week!


Next week, Goldsboro Books, Tor UK and Voyager Books are hosting in London a science fiction and fantasy extravaganza, Fantasy in the Court! A ticketed event, it is celebrates the SFF genres and offers fans an informal setting to meet some of today’s best authors of science fiction and fantasy. Tickets are available from Goldsboro Books, and more information can be found here. Zeno clients in attendance are Ben Aaronovitch, Edward Cox, E.J. Swift, and Lavie Tidhar.

Ben Aaronovitch is the author of the bestselling and critically-acclaimed Rivers of London series, the fifth book of which – FOXGLOVE SUMMER – is published later this year by Gollancz. Edward Cox is the debut author of THE RELIC GUILD, due out in September 2014 from Gollancz. E.J. Swift is the author of the Osiris Project science fiction series – the second book, CATAVEIRO, was published earlier this year by Del Rey UK. Lavie Tidhar is the author of OSAMA (winner of the World Fantasy Award), THE VIOLENT CENTURY, and the upcoming A MAN LIES DREAMING – to be published later this September by Hodder.


Ebury Snaps Up OSIRIS…

We’re delighted to announce that Michael Rowley, Editorial Director at Ebury has bought UK and Commonwealth rights to E.J.Swift‘s OSIRIS, and two further titles in the series in a deal negotiated by John Berlyne of the Zeno Agency. Ebury will publish the first book next February under their newly named genre imprint Del Rey.

OSIRIS (which featured recently on io9) has already been published to excellent reviews by Night Shade in the US and the author has quickly gathered an online presence with a series of excellent guest blog posts at places such as The Night Bazaar, SF Signal and The Qwillery. She will shortly be attending her first Worldcon, Chicon7 in Chicago – see here for her schedule.

A vivid, exotic, turbulent world on the far, far side of our own era, populated by characters delicate and brawling, refined and coarse, timid and bold, vengeful and loving—in short, a full spectrum of humanity.’ — Paul Di Filippo, author of A PRINCESS OF THE LINEAR JUNGLE

At a time when writing the far future novels is harder and harder Swift does it with style, brains and heart. OSIRIS is a fine mix of mystery and apocalyptic intrigue on a human scale.’ — Richard Kadrey, author of SANDMAN SLIM

Emma Swift’s Début series OSIRIS Sells to Nightshade…

We are delighted to announce  that Jeremy Lassen at Night Shade Books has  bought North American rights to E.J. Swift‘s début novel OSIRIS. The three book deal, which will also see two further books in the series published, was negotiated by John Berlyne of the Zeno Agency.

An ingenious and engaging work of dystopian fiction, the eponymous OSIRIS is a retro-futuristic metropolis reminiscent of Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD. The novel tells of an unlikely romance across social divides between a glamorous young socialite grieving for her missing twin and an idealistic activist from the wrong side of the wall.

I’m thrilled that Night Shade will be publishing Emma’s hugely exciting début,’ says John Berlyne.  ‘Their dedication to bringing forth new talent makes them one of the most exciting publishers out there right now and Emma’s super- stylish and distinctive brand of literary SF is a perfect fit. There’s some comment in the genre at the moment about a dearth of female authors, particularly in SF. The arrival of E.J. Swift on the scene will, I’m quite sure, go some way toward redressing this perceived imbalance.’

Nightshade‘s Jeremy Lassen commented ‘I’m thrilled by E. J. Swift’s unique voice – I believe her trilogy will be well received both commercially and critically by the science fiction community and I’m excited to see her take her place on Night Shade’s science fiction list, alongside authors like Paulo Bacigalupi and Rob Ziegler. Night Shade is committed to publishing important works of 21st century science fiction and E.J. Swift’s Osiris is one of them.

OSIRIS will be published in hard cover in summer 2012, with books two and three following in 2013 and 2014 respectively. All other rights are with Zeno.